Akashic Words of Wisdom On A Day of Foreboding

Tonight as I write it is inauguration eve.

A great many in the United States, and elsewhere, are filled with foreboding about how the world may change tomorrow.

Count me among them.

Even though I know that focusing on what we do not want is a sure-fire way to create it, I’ve struggled with staying in a positive frame of mind.

Thus it was that tonight I decided to make the wisest choice I know — to consult my Akashic Guides.

I wanted to know what they might share to help me (us) thrive even when often of late it appears that darkness is overtaking us.

I found comfort and hope in their message. Perhaps you will as well. I share it here for any and all who may benefit.

Akashic Record Wisdom

I ran through the doors into the great room of the archive seeking out my reliable friend, Ezekiel, who often mans the help desk. There was no one in sight today. Instead I heard loud, deep baritone (male) belly laughs. So much mirth it was quite startling.

Then a voice boomed out seemingly from all around me: “Truly you have blown this whole thing out of proportion. By focusing on the worst-case scenario you bring that consequence into your reality. We say laugh at the absurdity of this man with the ginormous ego thinking he can succeed in a job that he is totally unqualified for.”

The voice pauses and I hear almost hysterical, higher pitched (female) laughter.

As the laughter fades, the voice of the messenger continues: “The absurdity reaches megalith proportions. You have nothing to fear. This dim bulb will burn out very quickly for it was never intended to be used in this way.” (Please note this is a metaphor.)

“Do not trouble yourselves with the what ifs. It’s a tempest in a teapot. Allow it to run its course and in due time you will see the truth of what we say. Go on about your daily activities with the expectation that all is right in YOUR world. Keep expanding and growing. Do not allow this bobble to overturn your kayak. You have studied and trained for a day such as this, and you are more than equipped for the challenge. Furthermore you are more than equipped to help those around you who feel they are floundering. Remain calm, cool, collected. No need at all to be distressed. We’ve got your back. Should things change we will alert you in plenty of time to course correct. However, as things stand we do not expect this particular chapter of your history to be a long one. It may well turn out to be the great comedy rather than the great tragedy so many of you have predicted.”

“As long as you remember who you are it cannot touch you in any significant way. Your kayak is strong and designed to withstand quite a pounding. Use good judgment with a pinch of caution and you have a recipe that will sustain you in your time of need. Trust. Have faith. We are ever and always at your side. We predict sunny skies will return in short order. Some eventualities will never be allowed to manifest. There is a bigger plan at work which you cannot see from your current perspective. We assure you all is in order and alignment. Thus it is, thus it will always be unto infinity.”

Akashic Record Wisdom

So there you have it. Wisdom from my Akashic Guides. Take it or leave it as you will. If you feel it was also meant for you then it was. I am doing my best to focus on a hopeful outcome. Today will be more difficult, but today will pass. Tomorrow will come, the sun will rise. Of that we can be sure. Each of us will make choices as we see fit. Today is a day to support each other and focus on what we can do to make a positive difference in our world. All is not lost unless we believe that it is. We can choose to laugh or to cry. Consider, which one feels better?

To those who do not understand what all the fuss is about, I ask for your patience and understanding. We would do the same for you were the roles reversed. Thank you.

Sending love and light to those who are in need.

4 thoughts on “Akashic Words of Wisdom On A Day of Foreboding”

  1. My next evolutionary step is to trust this guidance, because right now
    I am overwhelmed with grief and rage. There is, however, a small voice that is aligned with the guides that says to keep continuing on my Path and believe in myself and my gifts, and to not let this little ‘pit stop’ (Obama said it today!) disrupt or dismantle all I have been working on for the past two decades! Instead, move ahead with the plans I have been cultivating even with the stress of the last two months. I am so glad to hear the guides are laughing. Thank you Debbra, in love and Hope,

    • I’m so glad it helped Paula. Yes, you summed it up perfectly. You are well along your path. Your gifts will be needed now more than ever. Regroup, recharge, and stand firm in your truth, power, and light. We will support each other and come through it stronger. It simply must be so. Love and blessings my friend.


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