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A Gift From Archangel Metatron

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sick poodle lyme victim

Day 3: Some improvement — still a very sick puppy.

A Pre-Thanksgiving Miracle

Last week I took my two poodles to get groomed. They came home later that day the same as usual. However, the next day Saphyre, our silver girl, was stepping very gingerly on her front paws. Upon examination there were no visible cuts or foreign materials. I concluded that the groomer probably clipped her nails a little too short and it was temporary tenderness. She’d likely be better tomorrow.

She wasn’t.

The next day she couldn’t walk at all. She totally collapsed. She could barely pick her head up and her eyes screamed “pain.” She wasn’t eating or drinking and she was shivering. She deteriorated so rapidly that I could almost see the shadow of death hovering over her.

We deliberated over whether or not to take her to the vet. For many reasons (too complicated to go into in this article), I decided to treat her myself and began researching the symptoms. Everything pointed to Lyme disease. Even though I never saw a tick on her, she could have been bitten. Ticks were very bad this fall.

With a likely diagnosis, I assembled the first round of homeopathic remedies and dosed every few hours, desperately praying for a miracle. (Thankfully I had the remedies she needed on hand.) By the end of the day she still couldn’t walk; but she was more comfortable and her eyes said she was getting relief.

While she was snuggled up and warm, I went to the Akashic Records and pleaded for help. Did I make the right decision? Would she be ok?

Archangel Metatron To The Rescue

In answer to my distress, Archangel Metatron came (a first for me). He pointed out that it was Saphyre’s choice to get well or not. Meanwhile he encouraged me to continue doing everything in my power to help. (Read to the end to learn about his gift for you.)

I’ve not been quite myself since the elections earlier this month. A great many people were impacted both here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. Perhaps you have felt it as well? Not quite having my normal equilibrium made me less confident in my judgment and abilities.

Feeling panicky and out of control I was unable to connect with my normal state of being. Understanding all of this, Metatron delivered an incredible energy exchange, more powerful than any I have experienced before. It was massive and exactly what I needed. Thank you Metatron!

Imbued with greater clarity and insight I was inspired to look for some additional remedies. That proved pivotal. After just 2 doses of the second round there was further improvement. She could now lift up on her front paws and within a few hours she was trying to stand. Her hind legs still weren’t working so we assisted her and allowed her to hobble out into the fresh air for a bit. That invigorated her and she started drinking enthusiastically. She even gobbled down some canine cookies.

The Treatment

I alternated rounds of remedies as she continued to improve. By the end of the third day she was able to stand, unsteadily, but she stood. I helped her walk outdoors and she was able to move about a little unassisted. She came back inside shivering, but the movement and fresh air helped.

Day four she needed help to get up on all four, but once up she was able to walk on her own. She wasn’t interested in her food but was very happy to gobble up some cooked turkey.

Day five she’s getting up and down by herself although with difficulty. Once up she’s frisky and bright eyed. She’s even getting up and down off the sofa unassisted. I expect by tomorrow she’ll be 100% or very close to it.

Lyme frequently relapses so she’ll have to continue the remedies for a couple months, but there’s every reason to expect a full and complete recovery. Hallelujah!!!

So there you have it. An honest to goodness pre-Thanksgiving miracle. A near tragedy averted. If you have pets who are members of your family you’ll understand the emotional roller coaster we just rode.

I tried to take a picture of her standing but she wouldn’t stop moving long enough to get a decent shot.  🙂

metatron healing poodle

Day 5: Smiling Saphyre on her new bed. In Divine Timing it arrived the day before she fell ill.

Metatron’s Gift

Now, as promised let me share with you the gift from Metatron:

On Tuesday, November 29, at 4pm EST you’re invited to a teleseminar where I will guide you through the energy exchange from Metatron. He intended it to be shared and I am excited to offer it to you at no cost — other than your time and the phone call. Use the sign-up form below to reserve your spot. There will be an opportunity to ask questions so bring those as well. I look forward to speaking with you on Tuesday!

If you’re celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving!


Disclaimer: I’m a healer. I’ve been using homeopathics to heal people and animals for years. This story is not intended to discourage anyone from taking their pet to the veterinarian for treatment. Rather it’s intended to share the magnanimous gift of Metatron and the manner in which it came about.

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  1. Update: Day 6 she was back to her normal self. Racing around, getting into mischief, being a goofball Poodle. The only change is now she thinks getting all that extra attention is her new normal. 😊


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