The Answer Diva is Here To Help

Hello and welcome to Akasha Unleashed. I’m Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva. I’m on a mission to awaken souls and ignite their passion and desire to live a more highly conscious, empowered life.

When souls begin awakening they have a natural desire to know their soul purpose. To know why they’re on the planet.

Those answers, and more than you can imagine, await in The Akashic Records. It’s the key to everything. It’s your birthright. My purpose is to help you claim it.

Soul Purpose

We all have Divine gifts, but if we don’t know what they are, how can we use them effectively? If we don’t understand what our gifts are, much less how to use them, how can we hope to live up to our potential? When you begin asking these questions you’re ready to discover your unique truth which awaits in The Akashic Records.

My work as The Answer Diva is to access your Akashic Records and reveal the answers you’ve been seeking. Answers which will allow you to transform your life and step into your true magnificence. Reading Akashic Records and helping you thrive is my soul purpose.


How Did I Become The Answer Diva?

I’ve “worn a lot of hats” in this life journey. For seventeen years I was the Database Diva, dedicated to building custom database solutions intended to make life easier for users. My solutions gave them control over their data, which oftentimes was totally out of control, and causing a lot of angst. It was very satisfying work for quite a long time. I love data mining: seeking out answers and information and then putting it to good use. It was actually great training for “mining” the Records for you. One day it stopped being fun. I had learned what I needed to know and it was time to move on, to reinvent myself.

For a number of years I honed my intuitive and clairvoyant abilities beginning with Animal Communication, then Mediumship, and Channeling. I also explored healing modalities such as EFT and Homeopathics. Through honoring opportunities that my guides presented to me (I call it following the bread crumbs), I was eventually led to the Akasha. It felt like coming home. THIS was what I had been seeking! Everything clicked. Finally a way to combine healing with empowering souls!

I discovered how much easier life can be when you align with your soul’s purpose, when you understand your strengths at the deepest level possible. I’m now “firing on all cylinders.” If you don’t know what that means, trust me, it’s a good thing.  🙂

Are you ready to finally get your answers? To live a more highly conscious, soul empowered life? Would you like to know about your Divine Gift (AKA super power)? Click here for details and to get your answers today.