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Bringing back your joy for Mother’s Day

The countdown is on to Mother’s Day. For her special day will you take Mom out for brunch? Bring her flowers? Give her a call? However you celebrate, I wish you and your Mom a wonderful day filled with love and appreciation that she is still a part of your life.

But, if your Mother has passed on, this day can be a painful reminder of your loss, made all the worse by those around happily celebrating. Are you haunted by things left unsaid? Do you yearn for just one more special “Mom” hug? Would you like to gaze upon her beautiful face for even a brief moment?

As Mother’s Day approaches, your thoughts naturally turn more and more towards Mom. When you think about her she draws closer to you. At this particular time because she is already in closer proximity (responding to your thinking of her), it is much easier to reach across the great divide and make a connection.

What if you really could reconnect with Mom?


Not an intermediary.


Would you move heaven and earth to do so?

But how is that even possible you ask? Quite easily, actually, through a guided meditation process that allows anyone with intention and desire to reconnect with their loved one on the other side.

That’s all you need. Do you have intention and desire?

Intention and desire — plus your facilitator (that’s me). I will lead you step by step into the presence of your beloved Mother. Once there you will be able to see, touch, and talk to her, asking any questions you like. Through this teleseminar of love (in the privacy of your home), you’ll be able to “reach out and touch” Mom one more time. Can you imagine how wonderful that would feel? Empowering, healing, transformational?

Your skeptical self is probably saying “it’s not possible” or “I would love to, but I probably can’t afford it.”

First: Yes, you can absolutely do it. I have lead many people through this meditation and every one has connected. Your experience will be uniquely individual. Transformational and exquisitely wonderful.

Second: It’s totally free! In honor of Mother’s Day this is my gift to you (and your Mom).

She’s waiting for you even now. Will you step up to the challenge and reconnect with Mom this week?

Give yourself the powerful gift of reconnecting with your precious Mother, and let this Mother’s Day become a day of celebration rather than a day of mourning or regret.

This teleseminar was incredibly profound, as well as healing. It’s now available as a recording so that you may use it any time you wish. Use the form below for immediate access.

Reconnecting with Mom

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    • I’m so sorry for your loss Penni. I’ve updated this page so that you can access the recording. Please use it with my blessing. Wishing you a healing visit with your mom.


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