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Channeled Spirit Guide Reading

Channeled Spirit Guide Reading

Congratulations Highly Conscious Soul, there is no better investment than in yourself

If you’ve been searching for answers and not finding them, why not go direct to the source. Schedule a Channeled Spirit Guide Reading today.

You may choose to submit questions beforehand, or ask for whatever message your guides have for you at this time. Either one is fine. Your Guides will always share the message you need. As the reading progresses, you may ask any questions that arise.

Now is the perfect time to seek out The Akashic Records. Now is the time to finally receive the message your guides have been sending. Now is the time to gain clarity and insight that will help you move forward in a powerful way. Now is always the perfect time!

Akashic Records WisdomHow long does a Channeled Spirit Guide Reading take?

There is no set time limit, however they usually last about an hour. Some guides are more verbose than others, some like to interject their humor. Readings are all about you and getting the very best result, which is always profound, and usually life altering.

What if I don’t have any questions?

That is perfectly fine. Your guides will share anything and everything they have to say to you at that moment. They know what you’re struggling with or confused about. Without specific questions they may end up addressing a broader issue. They won’t tell you what to do, rather they will present options for your consideration and they always speak truth.

I’m ready to book a reading.

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