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About The Blue Vortex

This amazing gift is brought to you by the masters and teachers of the Akasha. It is their fervent wish that you use this meditation to heal wounds both emotional and physical. The encoding of this meditation is designed to trigger a powerful healing response in your body for maximum benefit.

Sink into the healing waters of the Blue Vortex and allow yourself to be transported to the Akashic realm. As the gentle waters caress your body, they will magnetically draw the pain away, coaxing it bit by bit from your physical and mental bodies. You will return from your journey relaxed, refreshed, and with a brighter, more upbeat perspective.

Allow the affects of The Blue Vortex to continue their healing work as you go about your day. Know that your guides continue to assist the healing process to ensure maximum benefit.

Please understand that this healing is like peeling away layers of an onion. As each layer is removed and healing begins, the day will come when it is time to revisit and address the next layer. Do not rush the process. Wait until your healing is complete, which you should recognize by a feeling of lightness where once there was pain and/or pressure.

As the next layer presents itself, you will feel the return of pain and/or pressure (although it may feel slightly different since your energy has shifted). That is your cue that it’s time to revisit The Blue Vortex if you wish further healing.

Your guide team takes their healing duties very seriously and urge you to respect the process. Use it wisely, expressing your gratitude and appreciation for the gift you have been given. Understand that gratitude and appreciation from you enhances the healing process, thus it is a vital component in the healing matrix.

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The Blue Vortex of Healing

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