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Laura Di Franco

Owner of Brave Healer Productions

“Working with Debbra was an extraordinary experience. The introduction to my soul reading was an overwhelmingly powerful validation for so many puzzle pieces I’d tried to put together on my own with limited success. Over several years on the journey to my purpose I’ve never experienced the combination of strength and magical love energy in such a way as Debbra gifted me. After dabbling with multiple dozens of modalities and experienced healers, I can tell you a couple things about Debbra. She’s a channel for divine knowledge and a force of energy that will change your life, or help significantly validate your path. If you're a woman in business, she will wipe out your doubt and leave you sitting in the middle of your mission much faster than you can imagine. Get a session with Debbra today, especially if part of your purpose is to help change the world right now.”

Congratulations highly conscious soul!

There is no better investment than in yourself.

If you’ve become conscious that there is something missing, that you want more out of life, then you are ready to connect with your soul on a deeper level than ever before.

Now is the perfect time to seek out The Akashic Records, to discover your soul purpose, your divine gifts, blocks and restrictions that are holding you back, and so much more. Now is the time to receive the message your guides have been sending. Now is always the perfect time!

Knowing yourself at soul level is a priceless gift to yourself. It has the potential to change the trajectory of your life’s path, or help you make a course correction. It all depends upon what you need — now.

What can you expect from an Akashic Records reading?

• Answers to your questions
• Uncover blocks, restrictions, and self sabotage
• Thorough understanding of who you are at soul level
• A crystal clear vision of how to use your gifts for empowerment
• Guidance to get your life on track
• To leave reenergized and inspired, ready to create the life of your dreams

How long does an Akashic Records reading take?

There is no set time limit, however they usually last about an hour. Some guides are more verbose than others, some like to interject their humor. Readings are all about you and getting the very best result, which is always profound, and usually life altering.

What if I don’t have any questions?

That is perfectly fine. Your guides will share anything and everything they have to say to you at that moment. They know what you are struggling with or confused about. Without specific questions they may end up addressing a broader issue. They won’t tell you what to do, rather they will present options for your consideration and they always speak truth.

Akashic Records Wisdom

I’m ready to book a reading.

There are a number of different types of readings available. The most popular are listed below.

Soul Introduction is for the serious soul seeker who’s ready to understand themselves at the deepest level possible.

A Soul Introduction includes extensive, detailed information about your soul matrix (how you’re wired). Literally meeting your soul. An experience so profound you’ll never be the same again — much to your delight. This expanded understanding of self is the catalyst that will shift you into a new awareness and way of being that simply must be experienced to comprehend.

This reading is approximately one hour in length. Afterwards you’ll receive a recording along with a complete written report that’ll you want to refer to again and again as you shift into a delightful new awareness of self.

Soul Introduction $277.00

Soul Introduction & Karmic Blocks

This reading includes the Soul Introduction as described above, plus past-life karmic experiences that are blocking you in the present, along with an inquiry to discover who (if anyone), in your present life is connected to the karmic issue(s). Part two includes a clearing ritual to release that karmic baggage, and move forward with more purpose, confidence and clarity.

After each session you’ll receive a recording along with a complete written report that’ll you want to refer to again and again as you shift into an expanded state of awareness and higher vibrational frequency unlike anything you’ve yet experienced.

This reading is delivered in two separate sessions, on two different days, to allow you time to fully absorb the mind blowing information.

Soul Introduction $479.00

Book Only Karmic Blocks without Soul Introduction

Channeled Spirit Guides reading is an excellent choice when you have specific questions you want to ask. During this reading I communicate with your Guide team to get your answers. You’re free to ask for clarification as needed. Your Guides always share exactly what you need, and are ready to receive. It’s enlightening, empowering and often delightful. (Some Guides have a keen sense of humor, some even sing.) The message is always immediately actionable and on target. You’ll be astounded at how perfectly your Guide team understands you.

Channeled Spirit Guides $237.00

Combo Soul Introduction/Karmic Blocks/Spirit Guides reading. If you’re ready to meet your soul, clear up old karmic baggage and become more empowered, this combo pack is an excellent choice. When you opt for the Combo, you’ll save $114 off the cost of purchasing individually. How terrific is that? Once you have a reading you will want another. The clarity and insights you receive will super charge your life and set you on the path to more joy and sweet success.

Your reading will be delivered in three separate sessions, on three different days, because you’ll need time to process and absorb this new understanding of yourself.

Soul Introduction/Spirit Guides $577.00

Birthday reading. A birthday reading is quite special. Each year on your birthday your guide team archives the records of the past year and starts fresh. It’s a day of great celebration as your team reflects upon your accomplishments and growth over the past year as well as eagerly anticipates the year to come. The beautiful thing is that it need not be on your exact birth day. Because time works differently in the fifth dimension, it can be scheduled any time you like. Your reading will be delivered live and you’ll receive a recording afterwards so that you may revisit the powerful message from your guide team again and again. Birthday readings make an exceptionally wonderful gift for the person who is seeking higher consciousness. People often remark it’s the absolute best birthday gift they’ve ever received. Use the button on the right to schedule today.

Birthday Reading $222.00

Once your payment is processed, you’ll have access to my calendar where you may choose a time/day that is convenient to schedule your reading. Then prepare to get your socks knocked off by the spot-on guidance of your Akashic team.

Here’s to your magnificent future!

Akashic Records

More Options

Looking for something a bit more budget friendly? How about a mini-reading with enough information to make your head spin just a little? Then an Akashic Chat might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Browse my YouTube channel. There’s a growing number of videos where I answer questions and channel messages for soul seekers like yourself. Your answer might already be there.

You can also connect with me, let’s talk about your situation and see how I can be of help. I’d be happy to create something custom, just for you.