1Million Meditators Unite To Heal The Planet

1Million Meditators The Magic Happens Now Akasha Unleashed

Have you heard of the 1Million Meditators?

I had somehow missed it until my dear friend, Marisa Ferrera, brought it to my attention. As it turned out, Marisa was the catalyst that kicked off an amazing sequence of events which are chronicled in The Magic Happens Now magazine.

So many synchronicities. Maybe you call them God Winks?

In retrospect it’s clear to see there was a divine thread connecting people and events in the most marvelous way.

I don’t want to give away the delicious details, but It involved my granddaughter, Francesca (7),  and some whales. It was a magical experience that thanks to Marisa you can experience for yourself. I hope you’ll pop over to The Magic Happens Now for the whole story. It will warm your heart and put a little lift into your step.

If you miss the link to the accompanying audio it will be waiting here for you.

I hope after you read the story and hear the audio you’ll come back and leave a comment. Let me know if you’d like to participate in the next event. Francesca would love to add you to her group.


1Million Meditators The Magic Happens Now Akasha Unleashed

Here’s that audio link again in case you missed it.



2 thoughts on “1Million Meditators Unite To Heal The Planet”

  1. Hello Debora. I have not been able to hear the meditations because number two won’t play. I keep getting number 1 over again and again
    Thank you William

    • Hi William can you share the link with me you’re referring to? The one in the article marked audio is a single recording so I’m confused. Once I know which link is a problem I’ll take care of it for you. Thanks for letting me know.


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