Admitting defeat we called 911 — Video Series on Self Care

Self Care — Part 1 of 3 (A Confession)

I am “allergic” to doctors so you know if I called 911 it was serious.

It was a lovely Saturday. My husband and I had just had an early dinner. As we walked to our car I began feeling dizzy. Lots of deep, slow breathing, tapping (EFT), and calling upon my guides ensued. The dizzy spell wasn’t stopping. Now things were getting serious!

I didn’t have my remedies with me, because it had been decades since an attack of this severity had occurred.

It was so bad we had to pull over because when the world starts spinning it causes violent nausea. Two hours later the world was still spinning. Admitting defeat I asked David to call 911. By now I was teeth chattering chilled to the bone on top of everything else.

My hope was that after a quick trip to the emergency room I’d get a shot of something to put me to sleep and that upon waking the attack would be finished. The story didn’t end that way because the doctors decided I was having a heart attack. Being an every cloud has a silver lining person, I spent some time reflecting to find the positive side of this story. (Obviously it all worked out because I’m writing to you now.)

At the crux of the experience was a powerful lesson about self care. It took a couple weeks to process and distill the message. Then I made you some videos because the lessons are widely applicable. Yes, lessons. Like most things Akashic Records, there were layers of messages.


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