Akashic Allegory

Visiting the Akasha is always an amazing experience. Akashic guides always communicate in a manner that is most meaningful to you at that moment in time. Storytelling is a very effective way to make a point while getting your attention in a (literally) dramatic way. If you are open to a story about you and for you, they just might craft a tale addressing your specific situation. Then they usually cap it off with a powerful message tying all the elements together. Other times they will get straight to the point. Either way the message is sure to resonate deeply and guide you forward on your transformational journey. On this day a guide named Scarlett presents a lesson on maintaining well being.

akashic moon

Upon entering the records I see light green vistas as far as the eye can see. Here and there white blotches like clouds pop up. Further along there is a sidewalk lined with flowers (including lots of tulips). I walk along the sidewalk, flowers on my left over a rolling terrain. As I come to the top of a rise I see the sun on the horizon, flaming orange. Then it rapidly sinks leaving behind a pink/purple twilight. The air is cool and damp. I hear crickets and bull frogs. Off to the side is a lily pond, quite small, with a big rock and large tree on one end. I walk over and climb up on the rock. Sitting cross-legged I contemplate the water. The moon has risen and is reflected in the pond. I hear movement in the water then see a large water snake coming towards me. It comes out of the water and right up to the base of the rock I am sitting on. It looks up at me revealing incredibly long eyelashes, which it bats at me as if to say you have nothing to fear from me. Then it nestles up against the rock, drawing warmth, and begins snoring.

When I try to come down off the rock I startle the snake and I hear the sound of rattles. It didn’t look like a rattlesnake, it was black and sleek, but nevertheless it is apparently now one. I inch back up on the rock and the warning rattles cease.

I let out a big sigh. Seems I will be waiting here for a while. Then it occurs to me that I could take a swim. I slip down into the water this time with no warning from the snake. The water is cool and soothing to my skin, which has been sunburned. I slowly swim the length of the pond, then roll over on my back and float, looking up at the stars. It is incredibly peaceful. I can hear the water gently lapping the shore. I suddenly feel very small in the schema of the universe. I swim over to the shore, a distance from the rock and snake, and walk out of the pond. The water rapidly drips off leaving me damp rather than soaking wet. There is a lukewarm breeze that finishes the drying process and now I am totally dry, even my shoes, which I had left on in my haste to escape the snake.

I notice a pebble lined path and decide to explore it. The moon is high in the sky and provides plenty of light. The air is growing cooler, it’s a bit chilly. I find a sweater tied around my waist and put it on. Behind me I hear a sound. I turn to see what it was and find the black snake, she of the long lashes, has joined me on the path. In a lisping voice she invites me to converse.

“You are seeking insights?” she asks matter of factly. I nod yes.

“I can help,” she offers. “Here, come sit in the grass so that we may share our thoughts.”

I walk over to a lush patch of grass and make myself comfortable, sitting cross legged. She slithers up close, facing me, and exhales loudly. “There is much we can talk about.”

“I am most anxious to hear what you have to say,” I respond.

“That is good. Let us begin. My name is Scarlett and I do give a damn. I have been waiting until the day that you were ready to hear my message. You have been seeking answers for a very long time. Some days you thought you would never find them. Today is the day you will.”

“I want to hear them but something in me is resisting and I am having trouble hearing more.”

“Just breathe,” she calmly reassures. “It will come.”

I take several deep breaths and focus on relaxing my body, trying to focus on my breathing to remain engaged.

“Yes, that is good,” she states. “Now let us begin our conversation. I am Scarlett and I have been waiting to talk with you. Do not fear what I have to say. You are completely safe here. Everything is in its place all is as it should be. Yes, that’s it. Relax into the words, do not strain to hear them, they will come as you allow them. This is a wonderful day. Much good has come out of it. Tomorrow is also a good day. Every day is a good day. It is how you choose to use it that determines how it will be interpreted by you. The choice is always yours to make. Would you not rather have only good days? Then intend it! Do not allow pesky circumstances to disturb the calm surface of your pond. While certain things are indeed beyond your control, how you choose to respond is always within your control. How you respond makes all the difference in how you feel about events. You can choose to allow them to drop into your pond without making a single ripple. Or you may choose to get all churned up and they can make a big splash. The choice is always yours.”

“Resist or allow, your choice. Allowing means the event may pass entirely without impact upon you. Resisting will most certainly impact upon you. It’s as if you were engaged in a tug of war. Resisting is a sure way to get some nasty rope burns. Now which choice do you think will keep you in a state of well being?” she inquired.

“I can allow someone to rob me but that would not keep me in well being.” I argue.

Scarlett continues: “That is true. But if you were maintaining your well being you would not attract the robber in the first place. Do you not see that when you are in well being you are not a suitable target for the robber? Well being is like walking around with a protective force field. People and events who would do you harm are a non issue. They simply will not notice you as there are plenty of juicy targets for them to victimize. Just as you will not drown while treading water, you will not, cannot, be victimized while in well being. It is simply incongruent. So don’t you think that the most important thing you can do is focus on remaining in well being?”

“Anyone or anything that comes along and pulls you out of well being is an opportunity. Examine it, reflect upon it, what is it about this person or thing that rattles you? Once you solve that puzzle you will be able to step right back into well being and safely go along your way. It truly is that simple. You want to make it complex but that is not the truth of the matter.”

“We understand that along the journey there will be times when you will be catapulted out of well being. Those are learning opportunities. Each time you solve the puzzle of what caused you to slip out of your well being force field, you will find that you are stronger and more resilient. Your awareness will exponentially increase until it will become a rarity to drop out of that comfortable sense of well being. Don’t you see that is the key? Once you are able to remain in well being you will not be distracted by doubt, and fear those pesky gnats that buzz about your head, causing you to lose focus and your way. Remember it is always your choice how you respond. You can resist and cause all manner of difficulty for yourself, or you can allow and it will pass you by with nary a ripple upon your pond.”

“This process does not happen overnight. It is a lifelong journey. Be kind to yourself but be wise. Do not allow yourself to go down the path of distraction, anger, retribution, hatred. To do so is to waste precious time that could have been spent deepening your well being and carrying you further along the path towards your enlightenment which is pure joy.”

“Do you understand the words that I have spoken?” she asks.

“Yes I understand the big picture. It is the little details that get in the way.” I reply.

Scarlett responds: “True. But each time you successfully maintain well being you will find that there are fewer and fewer of those ‘little details’ that rise up to trip you and ruin your day. Keep your eyes open. Watch where you are going. Step over the obstacles in your path. Allow yourself to see with the eyes of truth and knowledge and you will go very far indeed. Remember life is not a race to see who finishes first, it’s about the quality of the experiences along the way and the lessons absorbed.”

“Go now. That is more than enough for you to absorb on this day. We will talk more another day. Walk in the light and don’t forget to breathe,” she said with a smile and then batted her eyelashes at me coquettishly. With that she disappeared in a poof of smoke and I was left alone on the path to ponder her words.

To help you stay in well being please accept this Well-Being Attunement Meditation, a gift from the Akasha and Scarlett.

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