A Tripod of Archangels in the Akashic Realm

A recent visit to the Akasha became an intriguing visit with some Archangels. I hope that you will find it as fun and fascinating as I. Enjoy! The Akashic Adventure Begins Rainbows and colored marshmallows, soft and springy sensation. Light and airy. NO resistance in this place. I can jump from marshmallow to marshmallow like … Read more

Akashic Adventure

This message, filled with amazing visuals, was quite a trip, which as usual was tied into a neat package with a wonderful message. So delicious I just had to share. Please join me on this trip through the Akasha in all its wacky wonderfulness. Comments please. I’d love to hear how/if it resonates in your … Read more

What your Akashic guides want you to know…

Channeled Akashic Record Message You will be astonished at just how well you are known and understood in your records. Things you would never imagine about yourself. Your hidden talents may emerge. Thoughts, plans, ideas, that have flashed across your mind come to life. Those intuitive nudges you’ve been getting? That was us, your dedicated … Read more

Akashic Style Well Being

This one’s for you Akashic Friends! It was a normal day like any other, or so I thought… I entered the great room of the Archive and was greeted by my guide who immediately whisked me off down a hallway of wood paneled walls. At the end a stunningly, bright light shone through the glass-paned … Read more