Admitting defeat we called 911 — Video Series on Self Care

 Self Care — Part 1 of 3 (A Confession) I am “allergic” to doctors so you know if I called 911 it was serious. It was a lovely Saturday. My husband and I had just had an early dinner. As we walked to our car I began feeling dizzy. Lots of deep, slow breathing, … Read more

Why is Time an Illusion?

   I’ve been thinking about you and planning to write. However, the last two weeks were crunch time for my book (The Missing Manual to You). It took several all nighters to meet my deadline. It most certainly did not feel like time was an illusion on those particular days (more on that below), … Read more

A Few Updates

It seems like so long since I wrote, yet it’s only been a few weeks. What a whirlwind! My book is finally with the editor. That feels surreal to say. It’s been a dream to be an author since I was six years old. This book was divinely inspired, making it even more special. It’s … Read more

Break Free From Procrastination

Excerpt from September 9, 2017 Newsletter Ready or not it’s time for a change of seasons. What a roller coaster of a year it’s been so far! As I write to you, Hurricane Irma is bearing down upon Florida, while fires rage on the west coast of the US. (And that’s only what we’re experiencing … Read more