How To Stop Selling Yourself Short — 5 Practical Tips To Transform Your Self Image

How to stop selling yourself short… That’s the title of my article in the new issue of Conscious Creators Magazine (see an excerpt below).

For quite some time now, my guides have been beating the drum of self image, because so many of us think we are flawed or broken. It’s not true, and they want you to clearly get that message along with how to bring about your transformation.

This issue is filled with wisdom, inspiration, and solid advice to help you live more consciously as an Awakened Woman. Click on the book to find it on Amazon.Conscious Creators Akashic Records Wisdom How to stop selling yourself short

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Conscious Creators How to stop selling yourself short 5 practical tips to transform your self image


Excerpt of: How To Stop Selling Yourself Short

You ARE The Equal of Any Other Person

So many people (women in particular) that I speak with have distorted views of themselves. Somewhere along their journey they have been made to feel less than — or inferior — usually many times over. Sadly, sometimes it was their own family that programmed them to discount their value.

As a result, a great many of us are walking around deeply wounded, not understanding our true value. It’s time to stop seeing ourselves as flawed, damaged or unworthy.

When we have a distorted perception of ourselves, we become predisposed to perceive even off-hand comments as negative — whether they were intended as such or not.

Everything filters through our belief of being less than “others” who we perceive as smarter, more successful, better looking, etc. We are constantly finding evidence to further prove our unworthiness. It doesn’t matter how much we achieve, there’s always a feeling of not measuring up.



How has this limiting belief shown up in your life? I’d love to hear about your experience. Please comment below.

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