Day 6 Video Challenge — What do you have to offer?

Something for everyone at Akasha Unleashed

Sorry the offer from Video is no longer available.
Here’s another I believe you will appreciate.

Video Script

What are the services you offer?

My offerings are all about exploring the Akashic Records to help people with challenges. Sometimes it’s a particular issue, or sometimes, for the more highly conscious individuals, it’s about self improvement and empowerment.

Channeled Reading

The most popular by far is a channeled reading where I enter your record and relay whatever message your guides want to share — in real time. They often use symbols and parables to communicate and then usually wrap it up with a spoken message. It’s always on point and immediately actionable. During your reading if any questions come up you can pause and ask for clarification.

Soul Profile

Next to that is the Soul Profile. This is the one you want if you’re interested in discovering your super power and how to use it. For the Soul Profile I enter your record seeking very specific information such as divine gifts, soul group, life lesson, energetic damage your soul carries. Are there any old soul contracts or other entanglements from previous life experiences that need to be cleared, etc? It’s a huge, incredibly detailed list. That information is delivered verbally and in written format. It’s quite detailed and usually takes a bit of time to absorb and begin acting upon.

Spirit Guide Readings

Spirit Guide Readings are a fun way to learn more about your guides. Their personalities and identities are on display as they answer your questions. This reading is a real boon to self esteem. When you hear yourself described in the words of your Spirit Guides, it will have an amazingly powerful impact on your self worth.

Relationship Readings

When you’re ready to get to the bottom of an issue and resolve it, try a relationship reading. It gets right to the heart of the matter. You can ask about any kind of relationship: life partner, child, parent, friend or colleague. Your Guides will provide insight on the crux of the problem and inspire you to take empowered action.

Life Situation

For when you’re overwhelmed with any kind of life challenge. When you “can’t see the forest for the trees,” a life situation reading will help you see the big picture and review your options. Armed with inspiration and insight you can move forward with clarity and purpose.

Business and Financial Abundance Reading

If you’re a highly conscious entrepreneur, your business must be in alignment with your soul purpose to achieve true abundance. Are your products, marketing, and sales in alignment? Businesses are energetic entities and subject to the same laws of the Universe as we are. Understand that and use it to your advantage. Then watch your business thrive.


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