Encouragement Courtesy of A Singing Dragon

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October 2018: The Magic Happens Now magazine

A channeled message from December 8, 2016.

In the United States, it was a time of great despair as our country took a giant leap backwards while darkness experienced a revival. Many celebrated, however, the sensitive grieved because we felt the dramatic shift into reverse.

When faced with challenges, the wise choice is to consult the Akasha, where all answers can be found. On this day, the answers were exactly the balm my soul was seeking.

Now, as we approach another election cycle and the promise of positive change is being dangled like the proverbial carrot, my guides have indicated it’s time to share this message with a wider audience.

May it bring hope, positive change, and spread like ripples in the pond across the world.

The message begins…

On this day the doors to my Akashic archive stand open in anticipation of my arrival. Most unusual portending an extra ordinary message.

There’s a very gold light, brilliant and dazzling, shining out. Not white gold, pure gold, angelic light.

The light fades revealing a stepping stone path across a small creek. I nimbly hop from stone to stone to reach the grassy bank on the other side.

The first thing I notice is a smattering of daisies growing around a big, luxurious tree. It’s fuzzy rather than leafy — a flame tree I think it’s called.

There’s something small at the base of the tree. I have to bend down and squint to make it out.

How delightful! It’s a tiny, fairy house built right into the base of the tree.

As soon as that thought is processed, like Alice in Wonderland, I’m sliding down a dark chute under the tree. It’s rather steep and I’m falling rapidly until at last I land, raising up a small poof of dust upon impact.

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