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This is an ongoing series of Q&A sessions channeled from The Akashic Record Guides. While messages channeled for a particular individual come from their personal guide team, truth is universal. Are you struggling with financial security? Do you feel frustrated and blocked? Perhaps this message will provide some

What do I need to do differently to thrive financially?

Ask Your Akashic Record GuidesWhere’s the money? What am I missing? What do I need to do differently to get out of my own way? How do I get the cash flowing to pay my bills and thrive financially? How can I live my purpose and help others while still earning a living?

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides

Beautiful soul, you are making a difference in the world. You have touched so many people with your love and encouragement. You already are a success.

Here’s where the glitch comes in. You look at your accomplishments, measure them in dollars and cents and find them lacking. That in turn keeps manifesting more of the same. When you are able to shift your perspective to how truly rich you are, that will become your new reality. Easier said than done? Of course otherwise you would have already done it.

We say it is time to mix things up a bit. Start with you (you knew we were going to say that, right?). Nurture your soul. Carve out YOU time. Recharge your batteries. Then pick one service you wish to offer the world and put your efforts there. Focus, focus, focus. Do that one thing with love and intention, sharing your incredible gifts with those who seek them. When you reach a level of success that brings you satisfaction, then incorporate another. Right now you are like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower. That’s fine for a butterfly but not so much for you. It would be better to find a well and get your nourishment there for a time before moving on. Are you following us?

What is the thing you do that brings you the most joy? That is your well. Drink deeply from it. As you put effort into your most joyous endeavor, you will open yourself up to receiving that which you desire; be it monetary reward or something else.

Ok, ok, we hear you. Sometimes that is impossible because you have to keep the lights on. Yes those third dimensional practicalities, sigh. Of course you do what you must in that regard. Meanwhile allot some portion of your time to focus on your most satisfying endeavor. Keep your eyes and ears turned to our frequency and we will nudge you gently as needed. You are so close to a breakthrough. It is truly only a few steps away. BUT as long as you lament the lack you will keep pushing abundance away. Celebrate what you have. For in reality compared to some you are wealthy. Celebrate the many blessings, cherish them, really beat the drum about them. “Sing. Sing out loud. Sing out clear…”

When you do that, you draw more of the same. Can you try it our way for a little while? We’ll be nearby for tuneups. Just whistle. You know how to whistle don’t you? Just put your lips together and blow. (Wink)

Message Overview

Your Akashic Record Guides are available 24/7 to help you with whatever challenges you face. It is their reason for being. Ask for guidance and expect it to come. Watch for the bread crumbs they will strew across your path to point the way to opportunities. When you recognize them, do not hesitate. Grab them and go! That is the powerful way to take control of your own destiny. If you miss them, more will appear. Never doubt for a moment how dedicated your guide team is to helping you thrive.

I hope this gives you a better idea of how you might avail yourself of The Akashic Records. Watch for more posts in this series to expand your understanding and awareness of The Akasha. Please comment below to let me know if it has been helpful or if you have questions. Who knows, your question might just show up in a future post. 😉


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