Gift of Metatron — energy transfer awakening for highly conscious souls

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Archangel Metatron & The New Energy Paradigm

Gift of Metatron


The Gift of Metatron?

The Earth and its inhabitants are in the midst of a massive energetic shift. Archangel Metatron (who has a special affinity for humans), recognized the shift would be extremely challenging for some of us. In an act of great compassion he crafted this energy infusion process to assist us in our transformation.

Some people report already being deeply affected by the shifting energies, others are totally unaware. Whether you’re a highly conscious soul who feels it acutely, or not, this shift is impacting you. The old Earth energy is falling away, being replaced with this new paradigm.

Metatron’s energy infusion is a brief, but incredibly powerful, awakening. Once initiated, it will continue processing for a period of weeks until complete. All you need do is accept his gift and allow it to do its job.

What Can You Expect?

One participant reports that she was having back spasms which ceased during the process. She slept extraordinarily well that night and was free of spasms the following day. Another felt so incredibly relaxed she fell asleep. Some felt a dramatic shift, while others experienced a feeling of well being.

Soul Purpose Highly Conscious Living

Whatever your reaction, just accept it. Your response is perfect for you. Allow it to work through your physical and energy bodies for your greater good. Just go with the flow.

You may feel an immediate shift, or you may feel very little beyond relaxation. Regardless the process is working to prepare you for the new energy that is going into overdrive in 2017.

The sooner you receive your energy transfer the better. It’s a healing/cleansing/blessing all rolled into one. (Pssst it’s free!)

Some Context Before You Begin

Metatron shared this gift with me during a crisis I was having right before Thanksgiving. As is often the case, in divine timing, it arrived at the perfect moment for our collective awakening. At the beginning of the audio I reference my pre-Thanksgiving miracle. Before you start the energy transfer, you may find it useful to understand the events that precipitated receiving it.

Are You Ready?

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