Hope for Mother Earth

Sometimes while I am visiting the Akasha my guides will give me a message intended to be shared. Like the double rainbow in the photo above, the message is about hope and renewal, but with a healthy dose of cautionary admonition. I hope that it will resonate with you.

My guide and I are in a canoe traveling down a river that puts me in mind of the River Styxx. It is dark and we are traveling through a canyon with massive rock walls on either side. Ahead there is dim light, just the last shards of light shed before the day turns to night. Stars begin to appear twinkling above. They are popping up in rapid succession until the sky is liberally peppered with them. Now the moon appears. Some time has passed as it is now high in the sky rather than just appearing on the horizon. It is a full, bright, moon. Magnificent in its milky brilliance. I cannot take my eyes off it.

The moon is beckoning me I think I hear it singing! It’s like a siren call. For some reason this disturbs my calm and I feel anxious. Why is the moon calling to me as if trying to seduce me? I turn to my guide for an explanation. He is no longer there. The canoe is no longer there. I am floating in mid-air high above the Earth. I was so mesmerized by the moon that I did not notice this transition.

I look for my guide but I am alone. Below I see trees, rocks, teeny lights from homes and buildings like tiny specks as I rise higher above the Earth. I am now in space and can see the planet. It truly is beautiful. I hear a voice reassuring me the Earth is not as vulnerable as I fear. It has survived for millennia and will continue. It serves a purpose in the grand scheme of the cosmos and were it to die, it would have a negative ripple affect across the galaxy. I am to put aside my concerns. That does not mean humankind should ignore the signs that the planet is in some distress, but with its regenerative properties it will one day thrive. We (mankind) just need to get out of the way and allow the earth to repair itself. I am given a vision of the vegetation flourishing, oceans and rivers purging themselves of the detritus as if they are vomiting. In a time-lapse I see that the detritus that was hurled up is consumed by the earth as water and insects work together to break it down and recycle it back into primordial substance. And so it has been forever. Life in cycles of growth, decline, recycling and regeneration.

I have returned to the Earth and now my guide and I are walking downstream along the river. The sun is rising, the air is sweet, it is a glorious day. Ahead is a large rock precipice overlooking the river. We climb up and sit together on the rock. There are large raptors flying to and fro across the river and back. They have nests along the rock walls so they regularly patrol this area. Wildlife are beginning to venture out around us deer, rabbit, squirrels, skunk, raccoon. All going about their business taking no notice of us. Life continuing on with its business undisturbed by the human invasion.

“It is all beautiful and very peaceful, but I really want to know what it is about. What is the message?” I ask.

My guide looks at me and says: “Humankind in their ego-driven way believe they are superior to every other living thing. That is an illusion solely manufactured by ego. For if you are not superior then you must be inferior, right? Wrong. You are equal. Equally important to the Creator as are all other creations. Perhaps if you did not suffer from this ego-driven arrogance you would have more respect for what your Creator has made. Contrary to popular opinion you have no right to destroy your habitat. The creatures of the earth have as much right to their planet as do you. Equal. It would serve you well to have respect for all living beings, yes even insects, for they each serve a purpose.”

“Ok,” I respond,  “But I thought I did have respect for living creatures so why are you telling me this?”

“You already know the answer. You are meant to share this message, to spread the enlightened understanding of humankind’s place in the order of things. Cast your pebble upon the water and watch the ripples it creates,” my guide explains.

So my fellow citizens of Earth, take heed, and let your conscience be your guide if you are called to take action. And so it is, and so shall it be. So say the Guides of the Akashic Records.

3 thoughts on “Hope for Mother Earth”

  1. Thank you! I feel relieved in hearing this, as I have heard this said before. As I studied environmental conservation in school, and have remained an environmental activist, it is hard for me to watch the destruction of Earth’s life-support systems (including mass extinctions) for greed. What misplaced values we have!! I can’t believe industrial society continues to pollute and (temporarily) destroy rivers, lakes, oceans, rivers, and air! Mountains and valleys. All for the sake of a currency we cannot eat. Terrifying. I am beginning to believe that humans are to be one of the next endangered species. And maybe that is how the story must go. Thank you for your wisdom 🙂 much love and light!

    • Thank you, Emily. This message was an incredible gift because I too believed the planet was doomed. So amazing to hear that Mother Earth has a few more tricks up her sleeve. Many blessings to you!

  2. Thank you Debbra for this message, it gives hope in this time and such re-assurance that all will be well, but there is much work to be done for us humans to rectify what has been done wrong to our precious Earth.


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