How can I speed up manifestations?

This topic comes up a lot so I decided to pose the question to my Akashic Record guides. Here is what they have to say:

“Intend it and it will be so. Do not fuss and fret about it. Do not observe how many minutes since the request and no evidence has yet appeared. Simply intend it and let it go. Allow us to work it out. Not everything can or should be instant. Some things do take time so allow that time and meanwhile trust that everything is working out for you because it is.

Do not stray into thoughts of lack or noticing that the manifestation has not yet arrived. It may at that very moment be forming around you and the thoughts of lack drive it away in a poof of smoke. Gone! Now you’ve manifested the lack you were fretting about. Celebrate the abundance and expect more. Stay in that happy place as much as possible. We truly are working 24/7 on your behalf. We could accomplish more if you did not put up road blocks by focusing on what has not yet occurred.

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In your present reality that is true but remember that time is endless. There is another time stream where all that you have requested has come to pass. You just need to catch up with that time stream so stop putting on the brakes. Appreciate what you have, expect more, and go on about your business. Always be on the watch for signs and intuitive nudges. That is your team trying to get your attention. The sooner you tune in and receive the message the better off you‘ll be.”

“Relax into it. Sometimes you stress and strain so much that you repel the very result you desire. Stress is a roadblock to your spiritual growth. Lock it out of your body and throw away the key. Let it go and breathe. You can accomplish more by simply breathing than you ever could by hours of stress and worry. Lift yourself up above the fray and truly observe. Open your eyes and see that which is truth.”

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