Karmic Decluttering — It’s Good For The Soul

karmic decluttering, akashic records, channeled message

April 2019: The Magic Happens Now magazine

Spring is a time of re­newal and re­flec­tion. Where are you on your soul jour­ney? What have you learned? What will you do with those lessons?

Just as we have a spring clean­ing rit­ual so it’s wise to have a karmic de­clut­ter­ing rit­ual. As we learn and grow, old neg­a­tive karma can be re­leased leav­ing the way clear for new, pos­i­tive karma to take its place. Ahhh, does­n’t that feel bet­ter?

The Akashic Al­le­gory be­low is a great ex­am­ple. A pow­er­ful les­son to be learned with a bunch of karmic bag­gage to be re­leased.

*   *   *

The vi­sion be­gins:

There’s a small hill ris­ing just ahead. It draws me. As I reach the bot­tom, the ground be­gins un­du­lat­ing, mak­ing it hard to stay on my feet. The sen­sa­tion is like be­ing rocked in a cra­dle.

Roller skates ap­pear upon my feet and now the un­du­la­tions send me back and forth, gain­ing mo­men­tum un­til I’m pro­pelled up and over the rise. I land on the other side now stand­ing upon a skate­board, which comes to a stop af­ter a short dis­tance.

I pick up the skate­board and carry it with me walk­ing to­wards the hori­zon. There’s a blaz­ing red sun­set.


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