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Your Life Is Your Greatest Masterpiece

Struggle, Entrepreneurship, Vision, Akashic Records Wisdom, Soul Journey

Vision, Struggle, and Finding Your Door

Sometimes what you need and what you get are diametrically opposed. In those moments it would be wise to take a step back, close your eyes and focus upon each in turn. Feel your way through, search for the soft spots. Those places that feel welcoming. Gather those pieces like a puzzle and assemble a new picture. Create your own masterpiece from the pieces that resonate with you. We assure you the final result will be far more beautiful and satisfying than either original. It will be your own unique creation, and from it you will derive joy and satisfaction, with perhaps a healthy dose of profit as well.

Sometimes there is a tendency to get trapped within the confines of a once-created vision that no longer serves. If it’s not working, it wasn’t the right path, simple as that.

Let Go of The Past

Take a step back, Reassess. Reconnoiter. Take what works and discard the rest — you don’t need it! Holding onto what was in the hopes of burnishing it into the once shiny object of days gone by is an exercise in futility. It would be far better to spend your time looking forward, tweaking, testing and implementing your newest brain child. Let go of the past. It is over. Take the lessons learned and draw strength from the wisdom gained. It WILL serve you well.

Put effort into finding peace with situations you cannot change. They simply are, try not to place judgment about good versus bad, just reach for acceptance. Peace lies in that direction.

Struggle Moves You Further From Your Goal

Struggle, Entrepreneurship, Vision, Akashic Records Wisdom, Soul Journey

When you struggle so against what is, wailing about how bad it feels and how disappointing it all is, you place energy and focus on what you do not want. That would be fine if you wanted more of that. We presume that is not the case. Therefore, it would be wiser to accept what is and turn your eyes to focus upon what you intend to create next. Begin that forward movement and you will begin feeling better and better.

It is when you get stuck in this “feeling bad” place, mourning what might have been, grinding all of your efforts to a halt, that you feel the most lost. Understand that this only perpetuates more of the same. We say have your moment of grief, then pick yourself up, focus upon that which you desire, then take steps towards it. Baby steps are always fine. It is the act of moving forward that is vitally important. Like winding a clock. As soon as you begin forward movement, the gears start turning and events are set into action. This your guides can work with to help you get to that next “feeling better” place.

Wailing In A Mud Puddle

When you choose to plop down into a mud puddle and wail there is not much we can do. From that vantage point you see clouds and rain, doom and gloom. Yet we tell you the sun is shining, and glorious experiences await. When you decide to stand up and step out of the puddle, you will see the truth of what we say. It’s always darkest before the dawn. That is poignantly true. Dawn always comes. It’s a cycle. Believe it. Expect it.

Take the valuable lesson that you have learned and put it to use NOW to begin building up a head of steam to get your train back on track. You are the engineer and you are needed to drive this train forward into your destiny. Whether it be bright or dark is up to you. It’s all a choice. If it were us, we know what we would choose.

Are you ready to reach for that which feels better? Today is a good day to begin.

Moving Forward

One small step forward. Stop looking over your shoulder lest you be like Lot’s wife. Place your focus firmly ahead. As you begin moving forward, you will feel better and better. Keep reaching for more of that. When it feels bad, reassess and change course as necessary.

You can certainly keep traveling in a direction that does not feel good, but why would you? What have you ever done so wrong that you deserve to live in a state of self torture?

Nothing we say! That is an illusion. Reject that false notion.

Struggle, Entrepreneurship, Vision, Akashic Records Wisdom, Soul Journey

Whole, Perfect, Brilliant, Resplendent

See yourself as your team sees you. Whole, perfect, brilliant. Resplendent in your magnificence. That is the truth of who you are.

We urge you to wear that mantle for it is truth and will serve you well. Ask for help and guidance. It is only a breath away. How much effort does a breath take? You see? It is not so impossible after all.

With all our love and encouragement you cannot fail unless you choose that path. It all comes back to choice. If you don’t like your results, make a new choice, and another, and another, until you are at last fulfilled, happy and at peace. Go forth, be fruitful and leave your mark upon the world.Conscious Creators Akashic Records Wisdom How to stop selling yourself shortThis message was channeled while visiting Maui. I had planned to seek out sacred sites to meditate, thinking that the messages were bound to be more powerful than usual. Surprisingly nothing much was coming through. On the last night, I was awoken at 3:30 am and this message came. With it came the clear instruction that I needn’t go looking for sacred sites to channel as that place was inside me. Wow! Powerful, profound and unexpected.

So my friends, like Dorothy Gale of Kansas and Oz, we already have it. Now that you understand this truth, what will it change in your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below.

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I'm an entrepreneur or I aspire to be.

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