Living Heaven on Earth with Kornelia Stephanie

Kornelia Stephanie is a force of nature. She brings incredible passion and intention to everything she does. Spend a little time in Kornelia’s world and you will experience expansion. She is gifted at naturally drawing out the very best in people.

On this episode of Living Heaven on Earth we talked about my favorite topic, the Akashic Records. Here’s an overview of just some of what we discussed:

• A Quick Start Guide for Awakening Souls
• The Purpose of A Third Dimensional Life
• Healing Trauma at Soul Level
• Have We Met In A Past Life?
• Do We Share Karma?

I hope you’ll listen in and let us know what questions or comments you have.

We’re all in this exciting, crazy, game of life together and you just never know when you’ll connect with someone with whom you share a past life or that you might touch deeply with your words.

Free choice is our privilege and responsibility. How will you use yours today?

Speaking of free, here’s the link for the free gift I mentioned. Enjoy!

For more information about Kornelia Stephanie visit her website or check out more fascinating interviews on her YouTube channel.

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