Meditations For You

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Well-Being Attunement
Like taking a mini vacation. Soothing and oh so relaxing. Destress and sleep better.

The Blue Vortex of Healing
Energetically encoded to trigger a powerful healing response in your body.

Grief Relief
Grieving a loss? This guided visualization will allow anyone with the desire and intention to reconnect with their lost loved one.

Connecting With Your Guides
Literally a hand up to connect with your personal guide(s) fast and easily.

What people are saying...

I did your healing meditation Wednesday and yesterday and my knee is so much better. When I feel anything in it I visualize the scar tissue dissolving and leaving my system.  By the way I just discovered on Netflix the series 'The Good Place' and it's kind of like the Akashic Records.

Kathy Hart Hedgspeth

It'll be good to talk next week some more. Thank you on the reminder that these meditations stay with you for several days... yesterday, pieces of info that I'd been looking for (some for months), or needed kept popping up. I just had to burst out laughing.  It is a great time for me right now. 

Kim Dean