The Paradise Within Show

In November 2017 I was a guest on Neary Heng’s podcast, The Paradise Within Show where we discussed my new book Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to You. We had a great conversation!Akasha Unleashed The Missing Manual to You

At one point Neary totally surprised me by asking if I would look into her Akashic Records and share her Divine Gift. How marvelous to be able to share that, and so wonderful for her listeners to go through the experience with her!

Neary was delighted to connect the dots between certain of her characteristics and her gift. Then further delighted to understand how she could consciously use those characteristics for personal empowerment.

What a fabulous way to share with people the power of understanding themselves at soul level!

We had such a good time that the conversation went longer than planned with the end result beingย two episodes! Use the links below to listen in.

Part One

Part Two


Neary is an inspiration and a delight. As a child she and her family were forced into the US Japanese Internment camps. With her indomitable spirit she rose above early devastation to shine as a role model for overcoming adversity. She shares the journey in her bookย From Internment to Fulfillment: How To Shift Into Peace, Purpose and Prosperity Against All Odds.

Neary Heng The Paradise Within Akasha Unleashed The Missing Manual to You


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