Popcorn’s Connected To Soul Purpose… Seriously?

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Admittedly I’m a bit obsessed about soul purpose, but even I would not have made that particular leap of logic randomly.

This peculiar musing came about because the February issue of The Magic Happens Now Magazine had popcorn as a theme word, along with like and I am.

Each month the magazine has three theme words. Authors are challenged to write an article with one or all three.

Popcorn had the most resonance at the time so popcorn it was to be.

It was a fanciful journey of exploration, but surprisingly popcorn actually does hold a valuable lesson about purpose. Popcorn is also totally Zen but you’ll have to read the article for “the rest of the story.”

Below is an excerpt from the February issue. I hope you’ll follow the link and read the full article. Then, after you’ve digested it, please do leave a comment. Does it hold resonance for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and have a dialog if you’re game. 😄

Akashic Record Wisdom

February 2018: The Magic Happens Now magazine

Does everything connect to purpose?

Without a clear purpose are we directionless, like a ship adrift on the mighty river of life? Are we doomed to meander through life’s tributaries with no plan, subject to the whims of others?

Or, is it possible that being without purpose is actually empowering? Might that be the ultimate experience of allowing? After all, don’t you hear quite often that “more allowing less resistance” is the path to creating more of what you want?

Will your journey be more delightful if you allow whatever comes to provide direction and purpose rather than actively choosing for yourself?

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