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Guest Post by Eva Borho of Ascension Holistic Healing

akashic records wisdom claim your power

Akashic Records Wisdom

Using the Akashic Records has helped me claim my personal power, break unhealthy habits, and understand myself at a deeper level. You can have all these same benefits and more, when you dive into your Akashic Records. I have been learning about the Akashic Records off and on for years. Each time the topic of the Akashic Records came up in my life, I really needed it. If you are reading this then the timing is right for you too.

Looking back, I was normally at some sort of crossroads or feeling stuck and wanting to move forward.

We are all our own unique expression of life and the Akashic Records help us to explore where we have been.

Growing up I would always become so mad if my family told me I was like another family member. I would often forcefully tell them, “I am not like anyone else!” Talk about independent and strong willed! I didn’t like the idea of being like a family member because I wanted to do things my own way.

After a reading with Debbra, I learned this behavior was a mini-expression of one of my divine gifts. My gift of divine power helps me to be a natural leader and an entrepreneur. Having that confirmed by her helped me more fully stand in my power.

Many times in my life, I felt like the proverbial square peg trying to fit in the round hole. I am a misfit because I am here to help bring about change. Using the Akashic Records helped me to look back throughout my soul’s experiences to confirm that it was wise for me to be a leader and take a stand. I also gained confidence knowing the sacred actions I had performed in other lives. Your soul already did the work so you can take a moment to enjoy how unique and wonderful you are.

Engaging the Akashic Records helped me to break lots of unhealthy habits. The outer layer of our aura is full of the energy and experiences from other lifetimes. This can be an asset to help us pull ancient wisdom into our current lives. This can be a hindrance when we have issues in need of healing.

akashic records wisdom claim your power

The process of reincarnation helps us to clear old issues, learn more, and have fun. Depending on what is in the outer layer of your aura, you could be unknowingly influenced by those experiences and in need of healing.

If a person died from starvation in a previous life, they might be constantly overeating and overfilling their pantry. That might not seem like a big deal, but to anyone who has been overweight and felt like they could not make progress on weight loss – it is a very big deal. When you are armed with the knowledge of your past lives, you can work through any perceived “blocks” with ease.

The more you use the Akashic Records, the deeper you will understand yourself. We all came into this life with divine gifts and intentions about how we were going to serve others with those gifts. If you don’t know what your gifts are, how could you possibly use them to the highest potential?

At a time when most people have their basic needs met, how are so many people miserable? The answer is that we have come to a point in our society where people are striving for soul satisfaction. Anything less than that is unfulfilling. We always have a choice how to carry out our sacred service using our divine gifts. How will you use the Akashic Records to unlock your highest potential?


Bio: Eva Borho, M.A., L.M.T., owner of Ascension Holistic Healing is an Intuitive Author, Spiritual Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master. She specializes in helping highly-conscious people move through perceived blocks and limitations. If you’re ready to upgrade your life, check out her services today.

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  1. Interesting, also have Divine Power. Question is about having a tertiary God spark. My reader had never come across this before, nor several of specialized guides, non being a previous life. After years of running, been forced to explore and benefitting from having much of my life beginning to make sense. Explanation of the third cord was it being a direct link to Grand Council. Do you know, or seen this? Or of a external guide/gift at command of Grand Council?

    • God sparks are your connection to Divine. If you’re part of the Grand Council you’re connected through your soul schematic so there’s no need for ancillary connection. Does that help?


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