Q: What changes do I need to make to find a life partner?

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This is an ongoing series of Q&A sessions channeled from The Akashic Record Guides. While messages channeled for a particular individual come from their personal guide team, truth is universal. This particular message has special significance for those women who always put everyone else before themselves. Now is the best time to turn that around if you’re searching for your life partner.

What should I change to attract a mate?

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides
I am moving forward in my life and am ready to meet my significant other. What work should I do on myself to be open to receiving that person?

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides

Bless you child. We see that your heart is willing and open. It is just that ego that causes you to trip and stumble. Too much questioning and thinking, not enough feeling. Truly we say to you that if you tune into your internal guidance system (solar plexus), you will find it far easier to get clarity. You are perfect just as you are, no need to change for anyone. There is someone who is seeking exactly what you have to offer and we encourage you to trust that with your open heart, circumstances will bring you together. We will be dropping an abundant amount of bread crumbs to steer you in the right direction. Watch for them.

Most importantly be at peace about it knowing that it will happen. When you worry it, like a dog with a bone, you push it away. Much like a drowning person flailing in the water pushes away the life preserver that has been tossed to them. Do you see? Relax. Do that which brings you joy and fulfillment and allow this new relationship to come to you in divine timing. You may be surprised to discover that more than one such opportunity will manifest in your life (said with mirth). What a wondrous banquet to be laid at your doorstep! Above all we urge you to be kind to you and open your eyes to discover the beauty that is your magnificent soul. Truly if you could see yourself as we do… you shine like a precious gem. Do not underestimate your worthiness, for you are priceless. N’est ce pas?

Message Overview

Your Akashic Record Guides want you to understand that you are perfect just as you are. No need to change to attract your life partner. The only work you need do is accept and love yourself. If you need help just ask. Your Akashic Record Guides are perpetually on call anytime you are ready to seek their assistance.

I hope this gives you a better idea of how you might avail yourself of The Akashic Records. Watch for more posts in this series to expand your understanding and awareness of The Akasha. Please comment below to let me know if it has been helpful or if you have questions. Who knows, your question might just show up in a future post. 😉


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