Birthdays in Your Akashic Records — A Cause For Celebration

What message might your guides have on your birthday?   July 2018: The Magic Happens Now magazine   Happy Birthday From Your Akashic Team Birthdays are a special occasion in the Akashic Records. On your birthday, records of the past year are collated and moved to another section of your archive while Records for the … Read more

Gabriel and The Oracle

One interesting journey through the Akashic Records:   May 2018: The Magic Happens Now magazine   The Excursion Begins At the entrance to the Records on this day stand massive white glowing doors. They open slowly allowing a brilliant, white/gold light to spill out. There’s a sacred feeling about this particular archive as if it’s … Read more

Q: How do I create an abundant, steady income?

  Messages From The Akashic Record Guides This is the first in a series of Q&A sessions channeled from The Akashic Record Guides. I thought it might be helpful for anyone who is unfamiliar with The Akasha, or the sort of information that might be found there. While the messages channeled for a particular individual come from their personal guide … Read more