What people are saying about Debbra Lupien
Voice of the Akashic Records

I had a session with Debbra Lupien last weekend, and let me tell you, it was absolutely life-changing! I learned even more about myself and my past in one session, and came away feeling even more pumped about a magnificent future. I highly recommend booking a session with Debbra. I believe all she works with will be as delighted as I was. — Hilary Gatehouse

I have to say it was awesome. I felt like she must have done a week research looking up my background and education etc. Great experience! — Mitsuko Ito

Working with Debbra is a joy. She combines professionalism, expertise and clear communication to deliver meaningful readings, always with a positive and nurturing outlook. It’s clear that Debbra is passionate about both the Akasha and her other interests, many of which we share; she’s extremely generous in sharing practical tips on a variety of subjects, including natural remedies and wellness that she’s gleaned through her years of experience with them. I highly recommend Debbra’s services for those interested in digging a little further beneath the surface to explore life’s possibilities. — Beth Lowell

I just want to share that I had a session with Debbra Lupien and she is amazing! I walked away with so many insights about myself and how I can move forward in my business. I highly recommend you take her up on her free offer. — Marisa Ferrera

Happy New Year, Debbra! I just wanted to affirm for you the beauty of the reading you did for me. You named ‘discernment’ as a key life lesson, and I am seeing that pop up in my life in pointed ways. I had a situation that troubled me this weekend and the moment I realized “ah! discernment is called for!” the irritation abated. Just wanted to give you the kudos you deserve! — Reba Linker

I really enjoyed our time together and the insight you gave me. You are incredibly accurate and made me feel comfortable, I’m very grateful for your reading. — Germaine Paeglitis

Thank you so much, Debbra, for your beautiful gift of love! The deep thought and kindness you put into it are truly remarkable!  I love the connection to the Angels and the Ascended Masters. It’s so validating to feel their words of love through you. I will, of course, recommend you to my friends and followers. You have a beautiful gift that needs to be shared! — Kari Joys

I am really pleased with this reading, and given that you had no idea of my actual abilities, my past history, and my current struggles, you did an AMAZING job! I am very impressed with the accuracy. — Cindi Oliva

It is as if the floodgates have opened and I am enjoying the ride…I am alive filled with life and love and attracting all kinds of amazing things. Your gift has been life changing. I am grateful. Thank you. — Jennifer Cabot

I finally came to understand why things had been happening the way they did and what I now need to do differently. Also what the path ahead of me is all about and how joyous and exciting it is. — Natalie Bass

Thank you Debbra. I’m enthralled with your journey in this lifetime. What a great blessing you are. Your reading really enriched my life and I am so grateful to have received it. Thank you. — Eileen Gleman

What a beautiful reading! It resonates with me on so many levels and seems to weave a coherent, unifying thread through the events of my life. Thank you so much. — Haley Cooke

Thank you so much, Debbra. I felt that your Akashic Reading you generously gave me was incredibly thorough and I have been digesting it now for over a week, and it transported me into higher realms for a good couple of days! — Paula Taylor

I’m thinking of some of the things I’ve done through the years to try to achieve order – like buying tons of organizing products, bins, boxes, shelves, sorters, journals, notebooks, etc. Then I put them away and don’t use them because I haven’t found the perfect system for organizing. I have stacks of notebooks and journals that don’t get written in because I want to make sure to match the right notebook with the right subject matter. Or I start writing in one notebook and then decide that topic should be in a different one. Knowing where this comes from really helps me see it in a new light. Not as a fatal flaw but as my soul trying to find the order and beauty. (And going overboard with it to the point of paralysis.) Odd that knowing this makes me feel like I can finally tweak it…maybe because I feel that it only needs tweaking and not a major overhaul of who I am. — Teresa Miller