The Akasha, Trees, and Good Vibrations

Elliot and The Homeboys

As I step inside The Records on this day, the scene presented is neatly trimmed green grass — jewel green — with dandelions scattered here and there. A feast for the eyes. Ahead there are a few trees. The grass stretches out as far as the eye can see. I begin walking across the grass towards the horizon. On my left is a lovely woods. A hawk is flying over and gives out a screech to get my attention. It circles around me as I walk. Then water comes into view, with a beach. It’s the ocean. I sit down on the soft sand and contemplate the waves while the sunlight dances across the water surface.

I hear a sound and turn around to see a row of 5 trees approaching. They are walking on their roots giving the appearance of walking on tiptoe. They come up to within a few feet of me and stop, giving a slight bow of their tops. The one in the center — the tallest — moves forward to position itself just slightly ahead of the others.

It gives a more sweeping bow, then stands upright. It clears its throat, “Ahem.” (As if unaccustomed to speaking.) “Toujours l’amore. We’ve been awaiting your arrival. My name is Elliot, these are my home boys. Pleased to make your acquaintance,” he says mirthfully.


“Have you come with a message Elliot? Why were you waiting for me?” I inquire.

“Yes we have much to discuss. My troupe and I want to be of assistance,” he explains.

“Why thank you. I would appreciate that,” I say. I stand up, eager to hear their message.

The wind picks up and creates a soft symphony as it dances through the leaves, causing the branches to sway. The trees pick up the tune and hum along, allowing their trunks to sway in time. I can hear a percussive sound but not a tune. Very unusual as the trees are totally tuned into it. Then I realize I am on a different frequency.

I ask Elliot how I can tune into their frequency to hear the tune. As the words leave my lips I begin to hear faint strains of music. Then I am inspired to state “It is my intention to shift my frequency to match Elliot and his friends.” With that I begin to hear the brass section of the orchestra and slowly more and more instruments. I’m still not recognizing a tune it’s more like instruments warming up. How interesting. So as my frequency is adjusting that’s how it translates? The instruments are becoming louder. Elliot is bopping in place clearly hearing something entirely different than I or is it just that he interprets it differently? One person’s music another’s cacophony?

Elliot suddenly stops bopping and stands still and upright. I’ll take that as a yes.

“Am I to understand that you wanted me to see, feel and hear just how drastically one’s perceptions can differ from another?” I query.

“You got that right,” a deep voice from the right booms. (One of Elliot’s friends weighing in.)

I can feel Elliot smiling although he has no lips visible to me. He does a little hop of approval.

“Is there more Elliot?” I ask.

“There is always more. Do you have ears to hear?” he inquires.

“Yes, I really want to hear your message,” I affirm.

“All right then how’s about we sit down and have a chat?” Elliot asks. He points to a large rock outcropping. I walk over there and climb up on the big rock while he leans against it (as near to sitting as he can with those roots).

The other trees gather round in a semicircle, and as they do, I can hear a hum as they retune to a shared frequency. How interesting. By moving to another location they temporarily lost their frequency and had to regroup. Even though they are the same species, they must adjust to compensate for outside factors. They choose their frequencies just as we do. It’s not an automatic setting.

They start vocalizing like a barbershop quartet, each finding their pitch and break out into “A Bicycle Built for Two.” What an odd song choice. I look to Elliot. “Is there a deeper meaning behind that song or was it a random choice?” I ask.

He explains “They just like it. You see bicycles are not built from wood and they move so beautifully that we are quite envious of them. While we stand in one place for our entire existence, bicycles are able to go nearly anywhere. We find that intriguing. As we communicate with others of our species, we have learned that bicycles show up all over the place. They really get around and that quite piques our imagination.”

“How interesting,” I remark. “Do you know that many people quite envy trees for their stability and majesty? Still others desire them for their utilitarian use,” (Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that.) Elliot kind of shivers.

“Yes we know that your kind see us as raw material and many of our kind have proudly contributed to your world in that fashion. We are all born with different purposes. What matters is how we express ourselves as we move from point A to point B and everything in between. Just like you, it’s all about the journey. We, like you, learn and grow as we experience our life circuit. There are more similarities than you might imagine. We are simply a different form of energetic expression.”

“Thank you for sharing that. It’s a fascinating concept,” I observe.

“Yes we know. The point is expanding your awareness of everything. Seeing with a fresh, re-calibrated focus. Don’t just look with your eyes. Feel from an energetic perspective. It would serve you well to feel your way through more areas of your life, for then you might see truth rather than a reality that has been programmed in by societal norms.”

“If you have never seen a two-toed sloth and I told you that piece of driftwood over there was a two-toed sloth, might that become your reality? You would do well to question everything. Experience for yourself instead of accepting everything you’ve been taught,” he expounds.

“Can you tell me more? Why is this important now? Anything specific that we should be focusing on? Is it truly everything because that sounds exhausting?” I inquire.

“Now, because the energy of the cosmos is shifting quite rapidly and you need to shift with it else you’ll be swept away. We want you to maintain your equilibrium as the shift washes over you. Some will be knocked down, while others will be washed over board (metaphorically speaking). You have the opportunity and the choice to prepare yourself so that you may stand strong as a tree. The shift may sway your branches or even your trunk, but your roots will hold firm and you will weather it well. Sure you may lose some of your weaker branches (beliefs), but a good pruning is actually beneficial. Our purpose is to prepare you for what is to come,” he concludes.

“Thank you Elliot. Besides seeing with more clarity what else should we do?” I ask.

“You should regularly ground yourselves so that it becomes familiar and ‘normal’ to be firmly grounded. We trees practice that all the time. There can be no better role model,” he says with pride.

“But you are so grounded that you live your lives in one place, which from our human perspective is limiting,” I note.

“Ah, but as you see at this moment, that is an illusion. We too are energy and have the ability to uproot and move if we choose. We also have the ability to travel without uprooting in what you would call an out-of-body experience. There is much you do not yet understand about other forms of energy. We are the sentinels and our purpose is keeping watch, thus we decided collectively eons ago that remaining in the place of our birth was the most effective manner in which to carry out our purpose,” he explains.

“What is it you are watching over?” I ask.

“Everything. Mother Earth, the creatures who scamper upon and under us — including humans. We watch and record. We influence where we can. Protect when we can. We live each day in appreciation of fulfilling our purpose and being a part of the grand scheme. We encourage you to emulate us,” he states.

“Well our purpose is most decidedly different so it wouldn’t be practical to emulate everything,” I retort.

“You are being too literal. Open your mind and allow expansion. In your way you are far more limited than we. Open yourself to the possibilities and you might be surprised at how different your world is from what you currently believe,” he shares.

“Time is short. Can you wrap this up in a tidy ball so that I really grasp the message?” I request.

“We want you to understand that living with limitation is not what you came here to accomplish. It’s about expansion. Always and forever. More, more, more. See more, do more, be more. Look beyond preconceived notions of reality and limitation. Imagine more and watch it unfold before you. Follow your yellow brick road. See more possibilities springing up before you like dandelions. Your potential is unlimited, but that will only become your reality if you are willing to accept this as truth.”

“You may choose to live your entire life wearing blinders and limiting yourself to the tried and true. That would be unfortunate as you intended so much more. Each time you set out with grand plans, and each time you accept the limits of your society and world. That effectively causes you to live as if you had one hand tied behind your back. Dream bigger! Live bigger! Believe in yourself! Take your foot off the brake and hit the gas! Let’s get this show on the road!”

“That’s what the shifting energies are bringing. You must allow yourself to yield to this powerful force lest you break. Yielding is not surrender. That is an important distinction. Resisting is the problem. Going with the flow is always the better choice. Once the shift is well underway, and you have mastered equilibrium, then use your newfound awareness to see your world as if for the first time. Release preconceived notions and allow a new reality to flood your senses. Make choices based upon this newly shifted awareness and you will be on your way to tuning into the new, higher frequency of tomorrow rather than being stuck on the old, obsolete version of yesterday.”

“You may choose the old and live as if you were deaf and dumb, or you may embrace the new frequency and flow with the expanded great river of life. It’s coming either way. Use your tools to prepare or get left behind. Either is a valid choice but one will feed your soul, while the other will not.”

“This is a big bite of the apple. It’s perfectly fine to take a bit of time digesting it. Toodle oo,” he finished with a grin.

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10 thoughts on “The Akasha, Trees, and Good Vibrations”

  1. Yes grounding is important to co-create with the energy of the inverse. We live in a 3D physical body. As we connect with Mother Earth (ground) it allows for the/our ENERGY TO FLOW, while avoiding a short circuit and losing balance. This way life in this dimension can support each other during the ascension process into higher dimensions.
    I now before you!

  2. Thank you Cili, that is beautiful! I hadn’t thought about it in those terms. As always you bring so much wisdom and perspective. Gratitude, love and blessings.

    • You’re so welcome. There are many layers to this message along with new perspectives, and certainly a newfound appreciation of trees. 😊

    • You’re so welcome. Delighted to hear from you! So pleased it resonated. Sending you bushels of love and light right back. 🙂

  3. When I visited Muir Woods and learned about how they reproduce, I walked into a grove of trees off the beaten track and came across a family group of redwoods with one member fallen and lying on the ground. The feeling of sadness was tangible – grief at the loss of one of their family members. More recently (I think it was when I visited Rainier National Park in Washington, which feels much older) I received a message that trees are the guardians of Gaia, which makes perfect sense and aligns with the messages in this post. I know that everything in the Universe has consciousness and has a different purpose and it is lovely to hear this message to confirm it. Thank you Debbra. <3


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