Q: Will my new blogging business be a success?

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This is the part of an ongoing series of Q&A sessions channeled from The Akashic Record Guides. While messages channeled for a particular individual come from their personal guide team, truth is universal. Therefore, anyone facing a similar dilemma may find the message beneficial. If you’re struggling with starting a business this message might just be the insight you need.

Starting a business can be daunting. A savvy person asks for help.

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides
I’m planning on launching my blog and eventually a subscription box service. Is there a chance that I will succeed in blogging and business. Should I just pursue one and not another. Motivation and being consistent are my challenge areas and I would appreciate your insights.

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides

We see your dedication and commitment which is admirable. However, it would be wise to focus on one project at a time to avoid diluting your efforts. It is fine to pursue both, but get one running smoothly and then launch the other.

Choose the one dearest to your heart and begin there. That is our perspective on the matter. Picture yourself pushing two boulders up a hill at the same time. Can you see where we’re going with this? (Said with light humor.) We are here to support you in whatever you choose, but urge you to set yourself up for success.

With your goals firmly in sight, our next bit of wisdom is that you cheer YOURSELF on. You can do this, but if you are your own whipping girl/boy it will be painful rather than delightful. If it were us, we’d choose delightful. See yourself as being motivated and consistent and then just do it.

No looking over your shoulder to see what’s chasing you. We’ve got your back and from our perspective it’s looking just fine. Keep moving forward with your vision firmly set. That is your path to success and fulfillment. But we want you to keep in mind that should you travel down this path and find it not as sweet as you anticipated, it is perfectly fine to change your mind and course. A choice once made is not set in stone. That’s like throwing the anchor off a boat. Fine if your intent is to stay in one place, but we do not think that is your intention. Set sail and allow the wind to propel you. Simple, yes?

Message Overview

You may notice that the Akashic Record Guides did not give specific advice. That is because free choice is sacrosanct. Your guides will never tell you what to do. Instead they offer options so that you may evaluate and decide for yourself the best course of action. They sometimes point out particular issues that need focus and consideration. One thing is constant, they always speak to what you need at the time of the reading. They’re really cool that way.

I hope this gives you a better idea of how you might avail yourself of this powerful tool, The Akashic Records. Watch for more posts in this series to expand your understanding and awareness of The Akasha. Please comment below to let me know if it has been helpful or if you have questions. Who knows, your question might just show up in a future post. 😉


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