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Yes you can heal your grieving heart

The Law of Attraction really does work in predictable ways. I was vividly reminded of that this week.

For some time I have been working on my Teleseminar of Love — Reconnecting with Mom, which means I was focusing a lot of energy on it. Because of that I have been noticing lots of people talking about how much they miss their mom. Yes, part of that is due to the impending approach of Mother’s Day, but the activity is way above what I remember ever seeing or hearing before. Focusing on it was like sending out a beacon to the grieving and it connected in ways that were totally unexpected.

The stories that kept cropping up made my heart ache. The Mom in me wants to reach out, give them a big ol’ bear hug and tell them it’s ok, that hole in their heart can be healed, grief does not have to be a life sentence. I want to take them by the hand and lead them through my guided journey to reconnect with their Mom, or their child, or whomever they have lost. I want to help them find the peace that I and a great many others have experienced. You might say I’m on a mission of love.

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Just this week I discovered Jenna Rose Lowthert’s memorial to her Mother: Life Goes On…? As I read her story I wanted to tell her that she could see her Mom and she could ask her about those song lyrics, she could find healing that would allow her to move on more joyfully. She could find blessed peace as so many others have.

I’ve also come across accounts of Mothers who have lost their children. For them Mother’s Day is a painful reminder with a different twist. Dr. Claire McCarthy poignantly describes the experience of being a Mother without a child on Mother’s Day. Her pain also reaches out to me through her words. I want to take her hand and help her experience the joy of holding her child in her arms once more. Perhaps her child would appear to her as the adult version of himself. That can be an incredible gift. I’ve witnessed this myself when I contacted a child on behalf of his mother. He was very insistent on appearing as an adult, with carefully selected details that would be meaningful to his Mom. Indeed they were, and as he knew it would, it acted like balm upon her aching heart. Yes, Dr. Claire, this healing is also possible for you!

Then a group I hadn’t even thought about in terms of Mother’s Day came into my awareness. Mothers who lost their child to miscarriage. Of course that day would be hard for them. Of course. My heart ached anew when I read a post by Cassandra Christine Glaza on her support page, missing her baby girl. I want to say “Cassandra do not allow grief to rob you of the joy that is rightfully yours. Come with me. Let me help you see your baby girl, hold her in your arms, ask her any questions you like, allow your aching heart to be soothed. Your child would not want this for you. She is sending you love even now hoping you will feel it and be healed.”

Even though I know all of this with a certainty, I have to accept that some people, for whatever reason, do not want to take this healing journey. I can only offer it freely and be at peace knowing those who need and want it will step forward to receive the gift.

Is that you? Did you find this page because you need to reconnect with a lost loved one? I will be offering this teleseminar again. If you’d like to be a part of it sign up below. I will email you with details of the next call, and please do share this with everyone you know who has suffered a loss. I’m on a mission to share this transformational, healing, journey with any and all who are ready.



Grief Relief for your aching heart

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