Life Tune Up

Whether it be personal growth, relationship, career, or a difficult challenge, there’s no better place to seek guidance than your Akashic Records. Guidance which will provide insight, clarity and peace.

If you’re struggling with making a decision, or needing guidance about a life situation, your Guides and I are here to help — fast.

So What’s A Life Tune Up?

We all need a little help from time to time, but not necessarily a deep dive reading like a Soul Introduction.

What that in mind, I created the Life Tune-Up. We’ll tackle whatever it is that you need help with so that you can get back on track quickly and confidently all in just 45 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how thorough your guides can be in a short space of time.

Bonus: Your session will be recorded so that you may revisit the wisdom of your guides whenever you like. Messages are always multi layered and you’ll discover deeper meaning each time you review your message because you will have shifted.

The Akashic Records are all about helping you unleash your potential so that you can get back on track to finding your bliss. Imagine how this powerful clarity and insight will transform your life.

Get your Life Tune Up today for just $177.

Akasha Unleashed Testimonial

Yes, I NEED a Life Tune Up Now!