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Hello! I’m Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of Akasha Unleashed, on a mission to empower women and awaken souls.

Understanding how your soul is “wired” is key to tapping into and using your innate abilities to create a life of abundance and joy.

I will help you discover those abilities and unleash your potential so that you can turn ordinary into extraordinary.

Are you ready to create the happily ever after of your dreams?

Get answers

Have you ever wondered why you’re on the planet or what’s your soul purpose?

Debbra Lupien, The Answer Diva of Akasha Unleashed

Have you run into one too many brick walls on your life journey?

Do you feel stuck and frustrated by a personal or career issue?

Are you struggling with a difficult relationship?

My specialty is accessing your Akashic Records to get answers to whatever questions you have. Really — anything, and there’s no judgment in the Akasha, just loving support and answers — lots of answers.

What’s an Akashic Chat?

It’s 15 minutes where we connect on the phone (or Skype). You bring a question and I’ll get the answer from your Akashic Records.

Facilitating breakthroughs and aha moments is my soul purpose. So if you’re ready for more clarity and empowerment, schedule your Akashic Chat today. It may very well be one of the most important choices you’ll ever make.

After our chat you’ll probably find yourself buzzing with excitement and positive energy. Your eyes will be opened and you’ll be ready and eager to step forward into new opportunities. No more settling for you. It’s time to grab the brass ring and create your own special happily ever after.

The cost of an Akashic Chat is just $33.33. (Yes, a very powerful angel number!) I’ve been told the information I share is priceless. One day the price may go up, but right now I want to make it accessible to as many people as possible. Grab it fast and let the transformation begin!