Archangel Metatron Cosmic Energy Paradigm Shift

Metatron Awakening

The Cosmic Energy Paradigm Shift

The new cosmic energy paradigm is here. It’s already affecting the Earth and all who dwell here. If you have not prepared you are in for a bumpy ride.

This is a massive energetic adjustment which is why Archangel Metatron stepped forward to offer assistance. First he provided us with an Energy Infusion to initiate the process. Then he created a Potentiality Infusion to complete the process and lock in the results. Described as “awakening to your authentic self,” this infusion provides the boost you’ll need to easily transition to the new paradigm.

It’s a perfectly valid choice to “go it alone” but truly I cannot imagine why anyone would want to. They will quickly fall out of sync with the Earth. Square peg/round hole comes to mind. Or falling far behind your peers in school. Does one ever really catch up after that?

You Are Far More Powerful Than You Realize

A large part of this shift is about understanding your true value. The world has stripped that knowledge away from the multitudes who have lost sight of who they are and their place in the grand schema. This is about helping you step forward and claim your power. Some of you will be totally surprised, others will feel a familiarity as you reconnect with what you knew but had forgotten. Like coming home after a long, difficult journey.

Fair Exchange of Energy

Metatron says that your value is immeasurable, as is the benefit of the Potentiality Infusion. To ensure that you are able to receive the full measure of his infusion, he requested that there be a modest fee of $27.00 under the principle of fair exchange of energy.

Are You Ready?

Join me in surfing the cosmic wave. I saved you a copy so that you could quickly catch up. The sooner you get your infusion the better. The great shift is already in progress and will increase in intensity, becoming more and more uncomfortable for those who are unprepared. Use the button below for immediate access to your Potentiality Infusion.