The Singing Dragon

singing dragon, akashic records, channeled message

Channeled Message Symbolic Interpretation

This is my interpretation of the symbolism of the channeled message Encouragement Courtesy of A Singing Dragon. (If you haven’t read the message you’ll want to do that first.)

The symbols include: open doors, angelic light, stepping stone path, grassy creek bank, flame tree, fairy house, falling into a tunnel like Alice in Wonderland, light at the end of the tunnel, cavern, purple lights, reflecting pool, song from the movie Aladdin, Actress Loretta Devine, and Henrietta the dragon. While some of these items may seem trivial they are not. The Akashic Guides very deliberately choose symbols to enhance and elaborate upon their message.

When this message came through (12/8/2016), I was in a state of shock and grief over the devastation I foresaw as a result of the election. I won’t go into more detail as I don’t choose to “dance” with negative energy.

It took nearly a month to regain equilibrium and seek guidance. The message brought reassurance, comfort and hope but it was not the appropriate time to share it widely. Now with another potentially pivotal election approaching, I was guided to share. It’s not my place to question the timing, merely to honor the request.

That being said, let us begin:akashic records, open doors, channeling

Normally when I approach the Akasha, doors are closed or there are none at all. On this occasion they stood wide open. The significance being that the need was great, all systems are go, not a moment to lose. Come on in and let us assist was the energetic statement.

Next was the light emanating through the doors. There’s often light of varying hues spilling out, sort of a preview of what waits inside. This light was different. There was no question it was angelic light, powered up to meet the great need. It was at once reassuring and at the same time an affirmation of the great care our guide team exercises towards us. It was also validation that there was great need!

Once inside, the first thing I saw were stepping stones across a small creek. A clear invitation to take a journey and a clue that the path might hold challenges and surprises. (They usually do.) What was different about this path is that it presented immediately upon entrance. There was no preliminary conversation or exploration. This signified a need to get moving ASAP, no dilly dallying about.

The stones themselves were quite easy to cross, providing reassurance that I was perfectly capable of handling what lay ahead. Perhaps a trivial thing to notice, but given how traumatized I felt it was appreciated. The stones also appealed to my inner child who loves hopping from stone to stone across water. All of these little bits together create a more powerful whole.

flaming tree, akashic records, channelingOn the opposite side of the creek was a grass-covered slope. The beautiful green grass represents hope — something that was in short supply at that time.

Then there was a Flaming tree. At that moment seeming acknowledgement of the metaphorical hell fire (war) that this choice might portend. However, it was also a reminder of many potentialities, so focus upon whatever positives you can, lest your fear energy assist in bringing about a disaster outcome.

Reference to Alice in Wonderland. This was mostly in passing, yet it resonates when we consider that Alice left her reality to enter a strange, and at times scary new reality. It required deliberate focus to keep her wits about her and survive (remember she might have lost her head). There were many ups and downs. Yet she persevered and emerged stronger, more confident, and wiser for the experience. Looking through the filter of two years hence… yep that fits.

A fairy house nestled in the base of the tree was a potent reminder that in everything there is the possibility of joy, wonder and delight. It’s all about focus. Keep staring at the scary flaming tree or shift focus to the magical fairy house, your choice and therefore, your consequences.

Falling through the tunnel represents the challenging part of the journey. Will you panic and cause greater harm to yourself (and others), or will you hold onto the faith that your team is with you always and will help you through no matter how scary or dark it appears. That is an illusion evidenced by landing in a soft poof that merely stirred up some dust. After hurtling down that dark tunnel you might expect to have some bruises if not broken bones. Nope the landing was safe and uneventful unless one chooses to carp about the dust.  😉

akashic records, tunnel, channelingThe scary trip of uncertainty, traveling rapidly without knowing what was ahead was now behind. Another validation of the amazing power of “Team Akasha.” After that, getting up and walking towards that tiny pinprick of light is a piece of cake. Yes, walk with care when you can’t see where you’re going but don’t let that stop you. There is a purpose and a reason so get on with it to reach the light sooner. Remember that the tunnel got wider and wider as I moved forward? Further reassurance of how when we trust and take action (get moving) things get easier and better. Stagnant energy is the downfall of many. When things are glitchy get up and move, that’s always a more empowered choice.

Emerging from the tunnel I discovered a cavern with beautiful purple light reflecting off stones in the walls. Of course purple can be connected to the crown chakra as well as to the mystical. It represents enlightenment which was the reason for the journey, the holy grail on this day. A clear signal we have arrived at our destination and very likely a message is shortly forthcoming.

akashic records, channeling, singing dragon

A reflecting pool. The name pretty much says it all. Guidance to reflect rather than react. Trust, allow, breathe, be. Stay calm and know that everything will work out in divine timing. Water represents change. We were certainly getting that! But also a promise of positive change on the way.

Singing “You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me,” initially served to lighten the mood, shake us out of the doldrums. It was upbeat happy, a Disney movie, which itself is filled with symbology and evokes a host of feelings. The pointed lyrics laughing at we silly humans for ever doubting the steadfast nature of our guides.

Why the voice of Loretta Devine? Well her name is “Devine” and she’s an original Broadway “Dreamgirl.” Her voice is warm, friendly, nurturing, and light hearted. Her voice was immediately recognizable because she’s voiced a number of characters in children’s programs. I can attest that she was most entertaining.

Finally Henrietta herself, the green dragon. She’s wise but definitely not boring. Just the right balance of energy for this occasion. She can’t be ignored and she will persist until she gets her point across and that’s exactly what she did.

Now that you have my interpretation of the symbolism, take another look at the message that Henrietta shared (below). If you’re like me, you’ll marvel at how the pieces fit together seamlessly to create a greater, deeper message. Plus you have the benefit of seeing the message through the lens of time. Henrietta definitely knew what she was talking about.

Henrietta’s message with my commentary removed:

This morass that is threatening to overtake so many fine people. No, uh uh, absolutely not! We must not give in to the darkness. We are stronger and will prevail, of that there is no question. Will it be painful? Of course isn’t life always a mix of pain and pleasure? How else would you learn? Never fear, the darkness will only last a short time before light once more breaks through and saturates each and every one of you with it’s healing power, filling you with hope and anticipation for what is yet to come. There’s always something more. Eons of this pattern repeating and thus it continues.

You have so much yet to learn and that is the point. How are you to expand if you do not go through the trying times and test your mettle? We know that you have the fortitude to prevail, but you are not quite sure. This is about you learning how resilient you are, stretching you and testing your beliefs. It will cause you to examine what you believe to be true, to question, to reconsider, reevaluate and pontificate.

Once you process this new input, you will catalog and examine the raw data to gain total understanding. From there you will strategize, plan and implement as you move forward in your determination to right the wrongs that have been done and set your apple cart upright once more.

It will take collective effort to be sure, but do not underestimate your role in all of this. Each one of you is every bit as important as every other cog in the wheel. You all together form the whole which will affect change. Do not forget it is your collective strength and purpose that will carry you through.

Reach out to one another. Form alliances. Be strategic. Be bold and hold to your purpose no matter what resistance you meet. Remember strength in numbers. Do not allow naysayers to dampen your enthusiasm nor commitment to purpose. There will be times when you will feel discouraged as if all hope is lost.

Do not give in to that despair. It is a lie! Stand up, dust yourself off and start moving forward in your purpose again. And again, and again, and again. As many times as it takes.

We do not promise that this will be a short-lived experience. As of now we cannot say how long it will last in your years. But we urge you to trust in your purpose and never, NEVER give up. That would be the end of you — metaphorically speaking. We do not want to see your bright light extinguished. Carry your banner high and proud. Move forward, always forward. We have your back today and every day. Lean on us. Cry out for us when you need shoring up. We are faithful and omnipresent. Your cause is our cause. So it is and so it shall ever be unto eternity. Amen and amen.