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Special Offer for Akashic Wisdom & Whimsy fans

Were you intrigued by the guidance that came from the Akasha?

Can you see how invaluable that kind of help would be in some (or all) areas of your life?

Truly there’s no reason to live less than a happy, fulfilled life now that you know how and where to get help. You’ve already taken the first step by following my offer link.

Now I want to make the next step, an Akashic Record Reading, even easier.

The regular cost of a reading is $147.

But with this special offer you will receive a $100 discount.

That’s right, you can get your answers for just $47!

It’s a crazy low price!

I am so committed to helping you get the answers you need and deserve that I decided to temporarily drop the price to make it accessible for everyone. I won’t be able to offer such a steep discount forever so grab it now while you can.

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