How To Stop Selling Yourself Short — 5 Practical Tips To Transform Your Self Image

How to stop selling yourself short… That’s the title of my article in the new issue of Conscious Creators Magazine (see an excerpt below). For quite some time now, my guides have been beating the drum of self image, because so many of us think we are flawed or broken. It’s not true, and they … Read more

The Devastation of Miscarriage

In The Aftermath (Miscarriage) If you’ve had a miscarriage, or if you know somebody who has had one, then you’re all too painfully aware of how it can cast a dark shadow over your life and leave an aching hole in your heart that nothing can fill. There are so many unanswered questions about what … Read more

Your Life Is Your Greatest Masterpiece

Vision, Struggle, and Finding Your Door Sometimes what you need and what you get are diametrically opposed. In those moments it would be wise to take a step back, close your eyes and focus upon each in turn. Feel your way through, search for the soft spots. Those places that feel welcoming. Gather those pieces … Read more