The Devastation of Miscarriage

In The Aftermath (Miscarriage)

If you’ve had a miscarriage, or if you know somebody who has had one, then you’re all too painfully aware of how it can cast a dark shadow over your life and leave an aching hole in your heart that nothing can fill.

There are so many unanswered questions about what happened:

  • People have healthy babies every day, what happened to mine?
  • Why couldn’t my baby be born?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • Why am I being punished?

Seeking Answers

One day I was talking to a client who had experienced two miscarriages. The dark shadow and her grieving had not ended even though it had been several years.

She just wasn’t able to shake it, so she took the opportunity to ask what her Akashic Records Guides might have to offer.

I went into her Akashic Records asking for a message or guidance that would help her heal.

How Can The Akashic Records Heal?

That’s an astute question. Coincidentally(?) I was talking with a friend about that very thing earlier. She wondered how these messages and the ensuing understanding are able to instigate healing.

The results my clients have gotten persuade me that it does, but I was having trouble explaining how at the time.

The Answer

I spent some quiet time reflecting, and then clarity arrived.

Your guides know you intimately. Their energetic intent is for you to heal. That intent and their message will be quite specific — exactly what you need.

Once you receive their message and energy, along with a massive dose of love, your healing can begin. Understanding blossoms taking your healing to an even deeper level so that you’re able to process. Your energy shifts and you’re transformed.

Then you’re free to step out of the grief, or darkness, or whatever that represents for you.

Back To The Story

I entered my client’s Akashic Records with the intention of bringing her a message of comfort and healing.

It turned out to be a most surprising message.

As I watched and waited in her Akashic Records, these little cherubs, on golden ropes, came down from above — sliding down the ropes.

They have a playful energy. I believe they chose this form because their mother envisioned her babies as little angels. Thus they took a shape that would be meaningful to her.

(That happens very often in the records. Your guides will take a form that has special meaning to you. It adds depth to the message.)

The little cherubs came up to me very insistent that I explain the truth to their mother.

The Message

They displayed so much love and compassion for their mother, explaining that they really wanted to be born to her. They had chosen her as their mother. Sadly something had gone wrong with their bodies and they weren’t able to be born.

Their souls were unable to enter their (respective) bodies because of a defect.

Over and over and over they iterated

“Mommy we love you. It wasn’t your fault. You did nothing wrong. Please mommy don’t blame yourself. We would have loved to have been born to you mommy.”

I conveyed all of this to her as I received it.

By this time we were both crying.

The emotions were quite deep and the healing so visceral that we both felt it.

She would now be able to move on with a new understanding. This knowledge could sink deeply into her psyche to shift her perception and beliefs about what had happened.

Now she could think of her little babies with joy rather than sorrow. Her healing had begun.

That’s the incredible power of The Akashic Records.

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