Black Bear visited today

Akashic Records messenger. Akasha Unleashed leads to well being.


I live on top a mountain. This is their natural habitat. Yet, in more than a decade I’ve never seen an adult up close. So when a very large, adult male crossed my path I took notice. It was a message from my Akashic Record guides. Messages are like that. Something out of the ordinary that gets your attention. When that happens, pay attention because a message received and acted upon will save a lot of time and angst in the long run.

Not knowing why bear, I went to my favorite search engine and plugged in “black bear symbolism.” That produced quite a number of hits. I scrolled through several, gathering tidbits that resonated from each.

Here are just some of the lessons that Bear brings:

  • Introspection, looking within for answers, slowing down and listening to our intuition. Allowing the inner knowing to guide us.
  • Be cautious, do not act out of anger or fear. Make choices from a position of power.
  • The love of honey. Reminding us to experience the sweetness of life.
  • Playfulness. Reminding us to embrace our inner child.
  • Bears are also often used as spirit guides on shamanic journeys.
This is not the first time my Akashic guides have sent some of these messages. They are remarkably persistent and will continue sending messages until we fully integrate them into our lives. How about you? What messages have your guides been sending?


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