Dream­ing of Puz­zles While Dri­ving

Akashic Records dreaming driving channeled message

March 2019: The Magic Happens Now magazine

Does that ever hap­pen to you?

You’re dri­ving along in a dream-like state while your mind en­gages in solv­ing puz­zles?

Some­times puz­zles you did­n’t even know ex­isted!

Our minds are these won­der­ful, amaz­ing, prob­lem-solv­ing ma­chines. At those times when we get out of the way and al­low them to func­tion as in­tended, that’s when the magic hap­pens.

You might ex­pe­ri­ence some­thing sim­i­lar in the shower or dur­ing other ac­tiv­i­ties, but there’s some­thing spe­cial about a road trip (at least for me), that opens the flood­gates to prob­lem solv­ing and in­spi­ra­tion.

Oc­ca­sion­ally af­ter I’ve done an Akashic Read­ing I’ll get an “af­ter bump.” That’s an im­por­tant piece of in­for­ma­tion missed dur­ing the read­ing, that needs to be shared with my client. It’s like a friendly tap on the shoul­der: “Ah, ex­cuse me, you dropped this.”

See? Your guides re­ally do have your back! 😊

Where I live a trip to town is 20 min­utes — each way — so op­por­tu­ni­ties abound to be in quiet re­ceiv­ing mode.

In fact, in­spi­ra­tion and puz­zle pieces show up fre­quently enough that I keep a recorder handy. Oth­er­wise they’d get lost in the busy­ness of daily life.


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