The Trials and Tribulations of A Highly Sensitive Person

For the highly sensitive person (HSP) everyday life is frequently fraught with obstacles and pitfalls.

Life may feel like a never ending boot camp.

If we create our own reality (we do), why would anyone create this?

It’s quite simply a misunderstanding of their gift.

Yes gift.

Being an HSP is a gift — when used for empowerment.

Did you know there was a time when we called them empaths? Back then being an empath was seen as something positive. It meant that you had a big heart and could understand what other people were experiencing, even though you hadn’t experienced it yourself. That understanding empowered and validated people. It was a gift to be able to offer compassionate support. The empath was uplifted by using their gift. The give and take that resulted served to complete an energetic feedback loop which is what feeds the soul.

Highly Sensitive Person The Magic Happens Now Akasha Unleashed

I don’t know just when empath morphed into “highly sensitive person” and turned into a liability rather than a strength; but somewhere along the way it did a radical 180.

These days when I hear people talking about being an HSP it’s usually in a sad, disempowered way. Very often it’s a complaint the gist of which is: “Oh woe is me, I struggle to function in the world because I’m extremely sensitive to other people’s negative energy.” Sometimes it strays into outright martyrdom where the “victim” wears their sensitivity like a badge of honor.

What was once a gift has been transformed into a major liability. For some it’s become an excuse to withdraw from the world. Instead of offering compassion, these HSPs are seeking attention and comfort for their “malady.” They loudly complain about how difficult their life is because they’re constantly bombarded by the negative energy of other people. Like I said, a 180.

Perhaps I’ve noticed it because I’m an empath. I’ve always been energetically sensitive and keenly aware of people’s feelings. Fortunately for me, my soul tribe has the ability to hold that energy at bay, not allowing it to interfere with our own. We see it and acknowledge it, but are not personally impacted.

That’s probably the reason I was drawn to analyze and try to figure out just what is going on because my reality is so different. Why do some people become virtual slaves to their gift? Why are they tossed about like flotsam and jetsam during stormy seas when encountering large doses of negative energy?

After observing, studying and consulting the Akashic Records (AKA The Book of Life), I now understand, it’s the tail wagging the dog. Their gift is controlling them, rather than empowering as it was intended.

Today many HSPs have gotten quite far off track having been persuaded their gift is actually a curse. This myth keeps them trapped in victimhood, a virtual slave to their gift. What they need to understand is that it’s an illusion! They are free to throw it off like an old cloak whenever they reach that place of understanding — where truth at last penetrates their being. When they finally recover the memory of who they truly are: a bright, exuberant soul searching for enlightenment and delight, rather than burden and duty, then they’ll be on the fast track to higher consciousness. Until then they’ll remain the victim of a myth.

This is not the path of an enlightened soul.

Choosing disempowerment sets development back, effectively putting the soul’s journey on hold. When they at last awaken from their fugue state to see the truth of the choices they have made, that will be cause for celebration. Then they can once more focus on growth and forward propulsion. That’s what they came to the planet, to experience the joy and fullness of a human experience!

Juicy choices that drip from the fingers like a ripe peach. It’s that visceral experience which is lacking when you remain enslaved to the myth of HSP as victim.

Being an HSP is cause for celebration. That’s the way your soul is wired. It’s a precious gift to be able to connect with another soul in this way. It was not intended that you sink down into their despair and roll around with them. Rather it was meant for understanding and compassion.

Compassion is about understanding, not about taking on others’ feelings. A person can see and understand without “dancing” with those feelings themselves.

When they stay in the place of compassion, this breadth of understanding allows them to be a positive example. To help others see their options. To be a bright, shining beacon to guide others. That is what it means to be an HSP. Understanding at a level that allows you to be of service, not be a victim. Do you see the difference? Being of service does not now nor ever has it meant being a victim.

That is an incredibly disempowered state. Why would anyone choose it? For it is a choice. They can just as easily choose to step out of victimhood, to embrace their gift and use it the way it was always meant to be used.

If you’re an HSP understand you always have a choice. You can bemoan the martyrdom of being an HSP, or see that for the untruth it is. I urge you, make the wiser choice. Stand in your power and revel in this special gift that allows you to have a deep understanding from which to be of higher service.

When you come from an empowered understanding of your gift, then you’ll find that it lifts you up, it nourishes your soul, it provides a deep satisfaction when you stand in service and allow yourself to receive the positive energetic feedback loop. Do you see now? Are you ready to step out of the shadow of what once was but need not be ever again?

And the Akashic Guides said:

We entreat you to rise up, embrace your gifts, stand firm in the understanding that it is a gift of empowerment. Throw off the mantle of slave or victim for it doesn’t serve you now and it never will. See the truth of who you are through the eyes of your Akashic team. Know that we form a united front supporting and guiding you each and every day of your third-dimensional [Earth] journey. Lean on us. Take sustenance from our words and strength of purpose for it all belongs to you. Yes you who mistakenly thought you were destined to bear this great, unhappy burden. We your team call out to you to arise and journey on towards the incredible joy and delight that your soul yearns for. It is within your grasp. All you need do is make a new, empowered choice. It really is as simple as that. Come. Shall we begin?

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