Day 5 Video Challenge — Why Do You Do What You Do?

Finding Your Purpose in the Akashic Records What gets you out of bed in the morning? What are you passionate about? What motivates you each day? What is your reason for being? These are questions I’ve pondered for many years. Now that I’ve (finally) found my answers, I’m passionate about sharing the “how” with you. Let’s … Read more

Day 4 Video Challenge — Let’s Talk Money

Is there something blocking your abundance? Have you done all the “right” things and it’s still not flowing? In today’s video I discuss some of the reasons and what you can do about it. Enjoy! Sorry, the offer from the video is no longer available. Here is another I believe you will appreciate.

Day 3 Video Challenge — What Strategies Do You Use To Stay Motivated?

Today’s challenge was to share three favorite quotes that motivate. That was tough as there are so many. I decided to choose the shorter ones. <Big Grin> I hope you like them and that perhaps they will inspire you as well.   More inspirational quotes and memes from my collection: