Why is Time an Illusion?


I’ve been thinking about you and planning to write. However, the last two weeks were crunch time for my book (The Missing Manual to You). It took several all nighters to meet my deadline. It most certainly did not feel like time was an illusion on those particular days (more on that below), even though it truly is.

Yesterday my editor and I worked on setting up the Kindle version of the book. It’s not ready for sales yet, but this was a giant leap forward. What a massive milestone!

If everything goes according to plan, next weekend I’ll have a box of freshly printed books at the Awakening Expo in Newtown, PA. Should you happen to be near there, please stop in and say hello. I’ll be doing a workshop, readings, and signing books at my booth.

There will be an official launch event on my Facebook page sometime after the expo and before Thanksgiving. More details to come…

Meanwhile, there’s a new blog post from my friend (and new mama), Eva Borho, who just gave birth to baby Gavin this week. Read her thoughts on claiming your power.

There’s also a new video on YouTube. I hope you’ll find it useful. In the midst of the craziness around meeting my book deadline I was overwhelmed with stress and feeling the affects of too little sleep. My friend, Donna Blevins, came to the rescue and helped put things in perspective with her genius mindset coaching. (If you need help with mindset I highly recommend her, just ask and I’ll connect you.)

Here in the US November is all about Thanksgiving. Right now I’m counting my blessings for the many amazing people in my life — and that includes you. Thank you for being a part of my journey. 💜

Until next time…


P.S. I have a new Facebook group for Akashic Warriors who want to be a part of helping my book be a success. If you’d like to participate, use this link. The more the merrier. I’m cooking up an extra special gift for all the participants.

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