How Being Stuck Transformed My Life and Inspired Akasha Unleashed

A Calamitous Season Foreshadows Massive Transformation

Akasha Unleashed Stuck Transformed Higher Consciousness Life Journey Akashic Spirit Guides
Mass of snow and ice collapsed upon my tractor.

It was a brutal winter in the Poconos. We had repeated ice storms. Layer upon layer of ice and snow everywhere. Just walking was hazardous.

At one point while putting out hay for the horses, my feet went right out from under me. I hit the ground — hard. The reverberation from falling caused my head to slam into the ice resulting in a concussion.

I lay there stunned for a few moments.

As awareness returned, I could feel the swelling already beginning. I started tapping (EFT) for “healing energy and blood flowing freely through my brain” before getting up. That made all the difference. It prevented blood from pooling and causing further damage. Thank you Gary Craig!

Dissonance Is The Harbinger of Transformation

That winter was one calamity after another. Our front-wheel drive car kept getting stuck on the ice. All that spinning resulted in a flat tire from the tread being worn down.

If that wasn’t enough, there was 3 ft. of ice and snow on the rooftops. On February 12,under that tremendous weight, my barn collapsed, along with a number of others in the area. Like I said, it was a brutal winter.

There were no animals inside, thankfully, but the hay and tractor were. That tractor is my right arm on the farm. I use it to haul hay to the horses, harvesting wood for the outdoor wood-burning furnace, and so many other tasks. With what seemed like a ton of weight on it, the tractor was not budging. It was April before I got it out.

Akasha Unleashed Stuck Transformed Higher Consciousness Life Journey Akashic Spirit Guides
Trees harvested by just that wonderful tractor and me.

To be honest, there were times I thought about giving up. It was so hard and at times downright miserable. I had to be the tractor. Each day I hauled hay and wood on a sled. The snow was so deep that I first had to shovel a path to even get the sled through. It was one of those “stop the world I want to get off” experiences.

Now I understand this was dissonance to the nth magnitude. Back then I hadn’t yet been introduced to it.

The Path To Akasha Unleashed

You see, it was the beginning of a massive shift in my energetic alignment, and dissonance sparks were flying all over the place strewing havoc in their wake. My guides were shepherding me towards Akasha Unleashed, I just didn’t know it yet.

One day while gathering fire wood and grumbling mightily, I got the message “you asked for glowing optimal fitness.”

Thanks to my “being the tractor” I was increasing my fitness. I was stronger and had more stamina. Totally not amused Universe! I didn’t hold back in my displeasure at what felt like being mocked. This is how the Universe responds?! Surely there was a better way! Oh boy did I have a lot to learn.  😊

They patiently explained that by having to step up, I was forced to stretch beyond what I thought I could do, thus cultivating a deep appreciation for myself. The health benefits were an added bonus. I proved to myself that, even at my age, I am way more resilient than I thought. It was incredibly hard, yet I managed to keep going.

Once I understood that it was a message, I went to The Akasha for answers, because I really needed to understand. That conversation follows:

March 14, 2014

Me: “What can you tell me about being stuck? It feels as if that is the message I’m supposed to be getting.”

Akasha: “You are not exactly stuck, but your progress is very slow, like moving through thick mud. It could be much swifter if you would allow more of our energy and guidance in.”

Me: “How?”

Akasha: “Heed the guidance you are given and really focus on putting it to use. Otherwise it’s like trying to move your boat forward with the anchor down. It’s a real drag.” (Giggle)

Me: “I thought I was using your advice to move forward. What am I missing?”

Silence, crickets.

Me: “Apparently I’ve already heard it and you want me to go back to my notes?”

Akasha: “Yes.”

Me: “Ok, what can I do today to get unstuck and progress?”

Akasha: “Put forth your best effort to do as much as you can do about whatever you can. Take care of those little tasks that are hanging. Lifting the heaviness of the cluttered feeling will open up your energetic pathways to allow more forward-moving energy in. Procrastination is a huge anchor.”

Me: “That I know. What can you tell me that will help get past that particular block?”

Akasha: “Just do something. Take action, then another, and another, until you can look around and see the way has been cleared for abundance and happiness to flow into your life.”

Me: “Is that why I’m moving so slowly towards my goals?”

Akasha: “That is part of it, along with a natural progression of your beliefs and abilities. Keep practicing, that is something you can do regularly to help move forward, and please notice that you are moving forward.”

Me: “Yes I am, thank you. I really appreciate and love all the guidance and support from my entire team. You make me feel empowered as if I could conquer the world.”

Akasha: “And so you shall.”

April 10, 2014

Nearly a month later after surviving that round of dissonance I was ready to take the next powerful step forward.

Me: “Do I have your blessing to launch a business reading Akashic Records? Will you support and guide me to a high level of success?”

My team unanimously said “Amen!” and nodded their heads.

Fast forward To The Present

Three-and-a-half years later, my life has undergone massive transformation. With the wisdom and guidance of my Akashic team I continue to learn, grow and reach for ever higher consciousness. My work feeds my soul. I’m happy and filled with peace. That’s what this human journey is about.

It’s an incredible blessing to have worked with so many people, helping them find empowerment and more happiness. Along the way there have been interviews, speaking engagements, and a great many Akashic messages shared with both individuals and the world. Transformation abounds.

In a few short months, two books will be released. How incredible is that?! I still marvel at the transformation that unfolds when we come into alignment with our gifts and tap into the incredible power of the Akashic Records.

Three years ago I had no idea this was even possible for me. The entire trajectory of my life has shifted in the most wonderful way. That is what can happen when you allow The Universe to guide you on the journey. A reality that’s larger and more wonderful than you would have created on your own. Why would you do it any other way?

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