Break Free From Procrastination

Excerpt from September 9, 2017 Newsletter

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Ready or not it’s time for a change of seasons. What a roller coaster of a year it’s been so far! As I write to you, Hurricane Irma is bearing down upon Florida, while fires rage on the west coast of the US. (And that’s only what we’re experiencing in North America. I know other parts of the world are dealing with their own tragedies and challenges.) It seems upheaval is the current state of Earth.

Metatron wasn’t kidding when he warned about getting wiped out by the tsunami. I heard from a number of highly-conscious friends who were feeling really wiped out after the eclipse compounded by Mercury Retrograde. I’m grateful to have escaped. Is it due to Metatron’s Potentiality Infusion? That feels true so I’m going with it.

Now procrastination on the other hand, that’s been a recurring issue in my life. I’m a bonafide expert. But, I’ve got important work to do, so I had to find a way to overcome it. My quest for a solution resulted in five strategies that anyone can use: How To Break Free From The Procrastination Trap Once and For All, which was published this week on my friend Eva Borho’s blog.

Eva and I met in Maui at the Hay House Writers Conference. She’s a lovely young woman who’s also writing a book, and doing double duty incubating a baby — due next month.

Speaking of the Writer’s Conference, I’m hunkered down finishing my book. The editorial deadline is next week and this is crunch time. The book is chock full of lessons The Akashic Guides have been teaching me.

Meanwhile, my book coach is compiling a volume of allegorical stories from The Akasha. If all goes well, I expect to have both books ready for release before end of year. I can’t wait to see which stories she selected — there are a lot of them!

That’s a little nutty, right? Two books at the same time? It wasn’t planned that way, but on the return trip from Maui I received guidance to move forward with the allegories. Who am I to argue with Divine guidance? I’m just hanging on for the ride. 😉

The other thing I wanted to share with you is the 30-Day Ignite Video Challenge. My friend, Niamh Arthur, is offering it again beginning next week. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I LOVE this challenge!

Niamh is gifted at helping even the most camera shy person gain confidence to get in front of the camera. Even though it’s 30 days, you only make 22 videos because you get weekends off. That’s catch-up time should you need it, or a breather if you don’t.

You get tremendous support and encouragement throughout. Each day there’s technical tips and a prompt, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a topic. The videos are short (around 2 minutes), so it takes very little time, but the payoff is huge. You will not believe the difference from day 1 to day 22!

Did I mention it’s free? Whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone who wants to make video for friends and family, this is a fabulous opportunity. It only happens a couple times each year, so if you even think you might want to, then sign up. See how it goes. You might just surprise yourself. If you do, please send me a link, I’d love to see your videos and cheer you on.

Ok, I’ve rambled on long enough. There’s so much more I have to tell you, but it can wait for another day. Sending you bushels of positive energy wherever you are to tide you through this challenging period of time.


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