Embracing The Mantle of An Awakened Soul

December 2018: The Magic Happens Now magazine

December brings an opportunity to reflect upon the year that is winding down. A perfect time for some introspection and planning for the new year.

How do you feel about the preceding eleven months? Did you accomplish what you had hoped? Are you satisfied with your results? What lessons did you learn? How will you use those lessons to make 2019 even better?

The channeled message which follows was intended especially for this occasion. I hope you’ll find it enlightening and encouraging as you reflect upon your plans for expansion in the months to come.

This grounding was unusual. I tilted my head back and divine light coursed into my heart chakra, filling my body with incredible warmth and well being. A very auspicious beginning.

After I’m filled to overflowing, the light filters down, deep into the earth, causing my body to undulate from the powerful waves of energy. It’s almost balletic, very rhythmic.

awakening soul

Making music with the Divine. What a wonderful feeling! I dance around like a ballerina en pointe in a little pink tutu.

That makes me giggle at the absurdity. This physical body is not congruent with that sort of movement.

My guides whisper: “But your soul is.”


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