The Storm Is An Illusion

November 2018: The Magic Happens Now magazine

Today’s journey into the fifth dimension was a study in contrasts. It began with a vision of what some might call Armageddon and then morphed into the sort of reassuring, uplifting message you might expect. In the moment it was confusing.

This is the month when we in the United States are giving thanks. How is this message in any way, shape, or form appropriate? I wonder.

A voice says: “Tsk, tsk grasshopper, have faith. All will be revealed.”

So, there you have it dear reader. Hold on through the darkness and we’ll come out into the light together.

The most unusual river is flowing by. Like something out of the game Candyland, it’s made of pistachio ice cream.

This river flows smoothly and steadily with nary a hiccup. This river has purpose and focus. It will not be swayed. It is the river of life. Tasty and a little nutty, that sounds about right.

The sun is shining down. It’s a bright orange, like jelly candies, although it’s muted today. I see it, but can’t feel the warmth or see the light glinting off objects. It’s like the rays are passing into a black hole with no reflection. As I stand witness, all the life and vitality are being slowly sucked out of the sun leaving a gray ball of ash. Hopelessness, that is the feeling in this moment.

The world has grown dark and cold without the sun. Everything is upside down,

topsy turvy

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