Q: How can I have more freedom, abundance, and business success?

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This is an ongoing series of Q&A sessions channeled from The Akashic Record Guides. While messages channeled for a particular individual come from their personal guide team, truth is universal. Where do you turn for help finding freedom, abundance and success to create the life of your dreams? The best place I know is the Akasha. Your Guides know who you are and what you need right now. They always speak truth and give immediately actionable guidance.

Are you dreaming of more abundance and success?

Ask Your Akashic Record Guides

What is the most important thing I can do to have more freedom in all areas of my life, esp. money? My dream is to launch my business with ease & grace.


Ask Your Akashic Record Guides

Yes we see that you have ambitious plans. In case you were worried — we approve. (Wink) There is a steep learning curve to your endeavor, but if it is what you desire, you are capable of achieving it. Do not rush. Rushing never helps. More allowing. Pick a piece of the project to work on. Complete that piece then move on to another. One bite at a time. Do not try to swallow the elephant whole. Ooh, major heartburn we don’t recommend that. (Giggle)

A building block approach would serve you well. As each piece is completed, you put it in it’s proper place like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. On and on and so forth until the puzzle is complete. Spend some quiet time focusing on just exactly what it is that you want.

Clarity is a piece of your puzzle that is incomplete. You know how to do that. You’ve done it before. Focus. Get Clarity. Take Action. Keep doing that until you have a well-oiled machine humming along producing the abundance you desire. Just as you learned in the old nursery rhyme: One-Two buckle my shoe… That is the model you are striving for. One step, one piece, at a time, until you have assembled the whole. Such things cannot be rushed. Make sure you have a strong foundation upon which to build. Then watch as your magnificent creation comes into being. You already have the vision, you just needed the plans to build it. We will serve as your architects. Allow us to assist. When you are unsure, pause and reassess. Listen for the guidance, it will always be there. Never, never, doubt that for we are as reliable as the rock of ages. Namasté.

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So many of us can relate to this issue. When you step back and look at the big picture this advice is just plain common sense, yet so hard to see when we’re in the midst of it. Tuck this little tidbit away in your toolbox for the day when you’ll need it, because it’s not if, it’s when. 🙂

I hope this gives you a better idea of how you might avail yourself of The Akashic Records. Watch for more posts in this series to expand your understanding and awareness of The Akasha. Please comment below to let me know if it has been helpful or if you have questions. Who knows, your question might just show up in a future post. 😉


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