You Are A Magnificent Soul Temporarily Housed In A Third Dimensional Body

Hello you amazing, beautiful soul!

How does that make you feel? Do you cherish the amazing soul that you are? Or do you recoil with objections and reasons why it’s not — can’t be — true?

This message is for all you beautiful souls who are in the process of reconnecting with your magnificence.

It began as an assignment in a video course I’m taking. The assignment was to create a video lesson for our tribe that was connected to the season.

Coming up with not much of anything, it was time to turn to The Akasha. The message that sprang forth was both powerful and beautiful. It was meant for you.

Please listen with an open heart. You deserve to know and embody this truth.

With love from The Akasha:

What do you have in common with a rabbit?

The Message

For those who prefer to read rather than watch:

“Rabbits are usually seen as timid but in fact they can be quite fierce at times, inquisitive at others. There is more to them than you have recognized. They are sentient beings filled with thoughts and desires just a different life experience than yours.” Ok, but surely there must be more, I asked?

“No one likes being taken for granted. We each want to be valued for who we are for our unique beauty and talent. Each one is special and beautiful. The rabbits know that. They do not spend time worrying about whether they measure up, they simply are who they are. Their lives are a darn site more joyful as a result. You spend far too much time picking away at yourselves criticizing, comparing to others, judging, berating even. Why? What on earth for? You could simply choose to accept yourselves unconditionally without judgment. (Yes it is a choice!)”

“Certainly strive for more, better, but understand that where, who, and what you are in this very minute is perfect. You are enough. You were ALWAYS enough. The day that you at last accept this Universal truth your life will expand in ways you cannot imagine. We understand that it will not happen all at once, but we urge you to begin moving forwards on the path of self acceptance — the sooner the better.”

“We promise you will find such joy and satisfaction, more than you ever imagined you could have. We assure you that indeed you do deserve this and more. It is our purpose to help you understand and walk forward into this new enlightened way of being. Outside circumstances matter little. It’s the inside that counts. Work on you and the rest will fall into place in ways far sweeter than you thought possible. Just be like the rabbit. Stand in your own beauty and power. Allow our words to penetrate deep into your being so that you never again forget who you truly are. You are a magnificent soul temporarily housed in a third dimensional body. You are perfection.”


Rabbit is a metaphor of how we (and others), wrongly misjudge ourselves. Looks can be deceiving even to ourselves! The truth is, at soul level you are a magnificent being capable of having, doing, or being whatever you want.
 magnificent soul

Diving deeper into the message

The rabbit metaphor was chosen to illustrate our inward and outward contradictions.

We all wear masks to represent who we think we should be. Sometimes we come to believe the masks we’ve created actually represent our true selves. But that does not serve us. It only delays our expansion. For only when we open our eyes and see the truth of who we are, will we begin to fully express our authentic being, which is where the real magic begins.

Once you accept that you are perfect — there is nothing wrong — then you will experience the opening up of new vistas, realizations, and yes, even love for yourself. You have worked hard to become who you are in this moment. Celebrate your accomplishment! Give yourself credit for how far you have come.

Does that mean you can stop moving forward and “rest on your laurels?” Of course not. This life is a journey — not a destination. As long as you are breathing you are meant to continue moving forward. Growing, expanding, evolving. But in each and every moment, where you are is perfect for you.

When you are able to fully embody this truth, your life will be transformed. You will find fewer struggles. There will be an incredibly deep inner peace in just being. Life will be exquisitely more delicious.

That’s what you came to the planet to experience!  💜


Akashic Record Wisdom

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    • Thank you Linda. 💜 So simple yet somehow we make it complex. One day it will be different. What a glorious day that will be.

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